Chris Distefano’s Relationship With His Wife Jazzy Got Off To An Abrupt Start

Chris Distefano perfected his stand-up comedy technique by performing at clubs and lounges in New York. MTV welcomed him to its shows such as Guy Code, which launched in 2011, and Girl Code, which began in 2013. He also appeared on popular TV programs such as Late Night with Seth Meyers and Late Night with David Letterman

Distefano has toured nationally as well as worldwide. He established himself as a master of his craft when he starred in his own hour-long special on Comedy Central, Chris Distefano: Size 38 Waist, in 2019. 

His arrangement with Comedy Central actually encompassed two series in the pipeline: a series called Stupid Questions with Chris Distefano and Stand-Up with Chris Distefano, which was a podcast that began in 2019. 

Distefano’s career is obviously flying high. Romantically, he’s on track as well. The special lady in his life is Jasmine “Jazzy” Canuelas. People want to know more about her life with him and what she does professionally. This is the lowdown on Chris Distafano’s partner in life and love.

Who Is Jazzy Distefano?

Jazzy’s career, like Distefano’s, is sizzling. She is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer, Zumba-certified instructor, fitness instructor, and spin instructor. Jazzy teaches at Spin Forest Hills in New York, where they apparently love her. 

They posted on Instagram that “[n]ot only is she a dear friend and bad ass mom of 3, but she’s also one of the best instructors around. We’re so happy to have her on the team still.”

They’ve Been Together Since 2014

Distefano explained how he met Jazzy when he was a guest on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast. In 2014, the two were both at a Coney Island, Brooklyn bar called Place to Beach which boasted a lively social scene. There was music, dancing, the whole works. “She’s Puerto Rican, I was Italian, it was like West Side Story stuff,” Distefano recalled.

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Jazzy mentioned to Distefano that she was a salsa instructor. “Do a move,” she told him. He quipped that he couldn’t because he had a kidney issue. “You’re an idiot,” she said to him. 

That was not an auspicious beginning for the couple, but they eventually did get together. They went on their first date a week later. As he explained to Mandel, Jazzy got pregnant with their first daughter on their second date.

They Live In A New Jersey Suburb

Distefano, Jazzy, and their kids make their home in a New Jersey suburb. It seems to suit him very well. “I love it,” he enthusiastically declared on his podcast.

Distefano and Jazzy share three young children: two daughters, Delilah and Violette Luna, plus her son from a previous relationship, Tristan.

He has been candid about the challenges of parenting young kids. “One is pretty easy,” he said, “but if you have two, you might as well have 2000.” Distefano went into detail about the hectic regimen that he and Jazzy have to keep in order to raise their thriving trio of youngsters. 

Early in the morning, there is what he termed a “mad dash” to get all three off to school. The kids get home between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m. Then he and Jazzy supervise their homework, either cook dinner or order out, and get them into the shower and to bed, which the children don’t always want to do.

“By the time it gets to 7 p.m.,” Distefano said, “you are beyond exhausted.” He added, “I genuinely think that parenting is the hardest thing to do,” and yet he said he couldn’t imagine life without their three precious tots.

They Support Each Other’s Careers

What cements Distefano and Jazzy’s relationship is the fact that each is supportive of what the other does professionally. Both have demanding careers but Distefano is always steadfastly there for Jazzy and she is always steadfastly there for him. 

She sometimes appears on Distefano’s podcast. Jazzy seems to have a healthy sense of humor. In fact, she looks right at home sitting beside her beau while his sometimes-pointed wisecracks come thick and fast. Jazzy frequently joins in the hilarity while guffawing heartily at the goings-on.

Chris features Jazzy’s workouts on his podcast. In one, he is like her student while she expertly guided him through exercises like jumping jacks and squats. He complained periodically even though he gamely—and humorously—tried to keep up. 

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In another, Distefano grabs a container of spinach lasagna straight from the fridge and chows down without even bothering to heat it up. Jazzy comes in and scolds him, saying “We’re going to train right now!” Finally, they head out to the backyard by the swimming pool where Jazzy oversees Distefano’s workout with water weights.

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Jazzy Got Her Breast Implants Removed To Set A Good Example

Jazzy got breast implants when she was 25, but went on to have them removed. When she was asked on Distefano’s podcast if she felt different without them, she said there was a “huge difference” in how she felt now as compared to when she had them. Jazzy also said that she felt like herself again without the implants.

Distefano added that what Jazzy did set a good example for their daughters about taking control of their bodies and doing what felt right for them. He said, “We support individual choices of what people want to do.” 

Jazzy wants her daughters—and women who watch the show—to feel comfortable in their own bodies, whatever they decide to do.

They Disagree About Whether To Get Married

Distefano and Jazzy clearly have different ideas about whether they should get hitched. They don’t quite agree on exactly what the institution of marriage represents.

He said, “We’re married by the laws of nature,” and added that his definition of marriage is “a law that is a piece of paper that some guy made up.” Distefano explained that, “The reason why I don’t like marriage is because I’m a child of divorce.” 

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He seems to feel that the two of them are already fully committed to each other in every way that truly counts, especially because they have children who they are parenting together.

Jazzy, on the other hand, evidently would like to tie the knot with Distefano. She said that to her, marriage represents “a nice level of commitment.” She doesn’t like the way he calls her his wife although she is not. “I don’t think that’s right,” Jazzy said.

Chris Distefano and his partner, Jazzy, have built a cozy life for themselves and their kids. Whether wedding bells will be pealing for them anytime soon is up in the air. Whatever they decide to do, we wish this couple loads of love and laughter always.

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