Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Her Impressive Group Of Furry Best Friends

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen dedicated a day to acknowledge her furry friends that reside with her in her home. 

The tv-personality who is an animal lover and has owned a sizable amount of different kinds of animals recently showered her dogs with excess love and made each of them feel special. 

Chrissy Teigen Melts Hearts With Adorable Dog Pictures

The cookbook author flooded her Instagram account with lovable pictures of her family pets comprising different breeds of dogs. The expectant cookbook author, while showing off her furry friends, gave a sneak peek at her luxuriously furnished home. Teigen first posted a picture of her male dog named Petey. 

Chrissy Teigen at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals

The Poodle breed, who is a hairy and fluffy mini-giant, was seen hovering over Teigen as he tried to cuddle her. The sweet-looking dog had his eyes fixed on the camera. In the following slide, there lay their Basset Hound, who goes by the name Pearl.

The cute little dog was crouched over a couch and had a somber look while her picture got taken. A yellow blanket was placed over the couch that could have possibly belonged to her. 

Teigen proceeded to show off her other dog on another slide, a French bulldog named Penny. The black dog appeared to be either taking a nap or waking up from one as she gave off a tired look while lounging on a green crouch and a colorful throw pillow. 

Coming in last in the slides was the new addition to the family, named Pebbles. The cute little brown puppy slept soundly on the couch while the mama bear got busy capturing the special moment.

Adding in a short clip to the series of photos, Teigen showed her Basset Hound, Pearl, taking a nap as she lay on the couch while her poodle enjoyed his sleep, lying on the ground. She simply captioned the post, “doggy roll call.”

Per People Magazine, the 36-year-old and her husband, John Legend, added their latest furry family member, Pebbles, in January. She shared the exciting news on social media, writing, “Thank you for introducing us to this little bug, @jenatkinhair and @mrmikerosenthal! She is perfectly sweet and adorable and I *think* perhaps the best cuddler in our whole house.”

She further revealed that Pebbles had been doing a superb job in the house. In her words, “She came to us with the job of protecting little Luna from bed monsters, and I’m happy to report there has not been a single one seen (heard? No idea) since her arrival!”.

Eulogizing her new puppy, she added, “Give this girl a raiiiiise honey! Welcome to the family, tiny little pebbles! (And thank you for trusting us with her, @pawworks 🙏 thank you for all you do!).”

The Food Enthusiast Received Mixed Reactions Following New Changes She Made

Teigen, known to always trend on social media, set it ablaze after revealing a life-changing decision she made. 

Per The Blast, earlier this month, the “Lip Sync Battle” co-host disclosed on Instagram that she replaced the lawn at her office with turf due to the grass allergy she suffered.

She shared pictures of herself lounging on her new fake lawn, as she seemed very impressed with the outcome. Captioning the post, she said, “just got turf in at the office! I’m allergic to grass, so this is very exciting for me. Tea parties and picnics abound!! (never not in this robe).”

While some of her fans fell in love with her robe, with one writing, “can we get matching robes together?” others had an issue with the grass replacement. 

A fan opined, “There are sooo many natural, living plant alternatives to grass. Which does no good for the natural environment anyway. Moss, clover, creeping thyme, etc. I really hope this doesn’t inspire a bunch of people to cover their yards in plastic.”

The Model Dazzled In A Gold Dress As She Nears Her Due Date

Chrissy Teigen Enjoys Her Last Few Weeks Of 'Two-kid Life' In A Striking Gold Dress
Instagram | Chrissy Teigen

Teigen seems to be having a good run with her pregnancy journey, as she has been very transparent with her struggles and thrills as a soon-to-be mum. Just last week, the Swimsuit Illustrated model left her followers in awe after the captivating pictures of herself she posted on Instagram.

The heavily pregnant model looked breathtaking in a glittering gold dress. The mini-gown featured a collar design that ran from her neck to just above her visible bump. The dress also featured two ropes that were tied together and fitted directly under her huge belly. 

The social media influencer added some spice to her look with matching gold heels and a small black bag. Her post, which was captioned, “Now I’m gonna try to rest a little and enjoy the last few weeks of two-kid life,” amassed almost 70k likes and hundreds of comments from her ever-loyal fans. 

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