Christina Haack & Ant Anstead’s Son Hudson Marks THIS Milestone Looking ‘So Grown Up’

Christina Haack and Ant Anstead‘s son, Hudson London goes to school!

Having your kids achieve major milestones is what many parents live for. One could say it hits differently for both parents and such was the case for the former “Wheeler Dealers” co-host and the former “Flip or Flop” co-host.

Fans were instantly besotted by Anstead’s Instagram post and let him know it through their comments.

Ant Anstead Believes His Son Is Independent & Grown At Two

Ant is a doting dad who does not shy away from giving updates about his family on social media.

So, it was no surprise when fans saw the dozens of photos that the father-of-three used to celebrate the first day of Hudson’s summer school.

The pictures showed the blond-haired boy carrying a blue backpack and a matching lunch box on a pathway.

The sweet boy also posed for the camera inside the house before getting smothered with kisses from his dad. Another image showed Hudson holding Ant’s hand as they walked into the distance.

For his outfit, the youngster looked dapper in a sky blue long-sleeved top, shorts, white socks, and blue-black sneakers. After explaining that it was “Hudzo’s” first day at his new summer school, Ant wrote:

“This has been building up the past few days from him precisely choosing his new lunch box to exactly what he wants to wear today! (Of course he had to carry it the whole way!)”

The 43-year-old added that his son is “so independent and grown-up” and had a “real skip in his step.” He concluded the caption by declaring he was “one proud daddo!”

Fans were so ecstatic about the post that they gave it over 17k likes, with 500+ people taking to the comment section to praise Ant for being a good father.

One person claimed that Hudson always looked the happiest whenever he was with his dad, and another said that Ant was a “great daddy.”

A third fan observed that Hudson was “growing up so quickly, and he’s also absorbing every bit of that love. You’re doing a great job, dad!” Several others were focused on how “cute” and “adorable” the two-year-old looked.

Haack’s reaction to her son’s milestone was a bit different from that of Anstead. For her, it was the things she was going to miss that came to mind.

The reality star shared a photo of her and Hudson cuddling in bed. With the caption, she declared that it was her “love language” while stating that it was what she “lived for.”

The reaction Anstead got from his post seemed different from the one he got in May after he posted a series of images and videos that featured his older kids, Amelie and Archie, playing rugby and cricket on a field in England.

According to The Blast, soon after he uploaded the media, a commenter asked him not to take Hudson away from his ex-wife because he would never forgive himself.

The controversial plea prompted Ant to respond, “Huh? Who told you that? That’s the LAST thing I want! (Don’t believe the click bait press) x.”

The commenter’s concern might be related to the emergency motion Ant filed in April, seeking sole custody of his son.

In the legal documents, the “Master Mechanic” star insinuated that Hall created a “dangerous environment” for their boy; thus, the judge needed to amend custody arrangements for Hudson’s safety.

Ant also accused Hall of being a lousy mother who was absent for most of her young son’s life.

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Through a separate report by The Blast, fans discovered that Anstead was armed with evidence to support his claims against his ex-wife.

The embittered spouse claimed that the Hall only spent an average of “nine full days each month” with their son over a period of 20 months.

Whenever Hudson was in her care, the HGTV personality opted to use her two-year-old son as a social media pawn.

She was allegedly using her son as a pawn to promote paid ads for brands and get likes from her followers.

The twice-divorced car builder recalled a horrible incident in April when Hudson returned home with a “bizarre sunburn” after being in Haack’s care. Ant alleged that the intensity of the sunburn left their son “crying in pain.”

When he allegedly expressed his concern to Haack about Hudson’s condition, the “Christina on the Coast” star dismissed it as “nothing too serious.”

In a screenshot of a text exchange between the former couple, Haack allegedly dismissed his fears by writing:

“kids were playing soccer at the park, marine layer hid the sun, and it didn’t feel hot. Give him some Tylenol I’m sure it will be better tomorrow.”

Soon after the news of the legal claims became public, Hall released a statement to express that she was “deeply saddened” by her ex-husband’s allegations.

The TV personality has occasionally shared cryptic posts that fans assume are targeted at Anstead.

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