Christina Perri Breaks Her Silence: ‘I Can’t Be Angry At The Doctors’

Singer Christina Perri is opening up and discussing her pregnancy loss in the hopes of helping other women dealing with the same heartbreaking experience. Perri’s daughter Rosie died in utero in 2020. She’s now trying to raise awareness for pregnant women with blood-clotting disorders.

Christina Perri

Opening Dialogue To Express Her Healing Process After Pregnancy Loss

The “A Thousand Years” singer recently told People about how difficult the healing process was for her after her late-term pregnancy loss, which happened less than a year after miscarrying. “There was so much anger and pain and sadness.  And there were days I couldn’t even see a future version of me,” she said about losing her daughter Rosie.

Months after her terrible loss, Perri, 34, learned that she has a treatable blood-clotting disorder that could have possibly been the cause of both her pregnancy losses. Perri has undergone more than a year of intense therapy and is now ready to help other women by raising awareness about the blood test that can detect blood-clotting disorders. “I don’t care how long it takes; I’ll never stop. I hope to turn my tragedy into something beautiful,” she explained.

Perri and husband Paul Costable consulted with OB/GYN Dr. Mary Kerr about the disorder who said, “Ninety percent of miscarriages are due to spontaneous genetic error. That leaves 10 percent caused by something like a blood disorder that could be prevented with something as simple as a blood thinner.”

Perri, mom to daughter Carmella, 4, now gets daily injections of Lovenox, a blood thinner that prevents clotting. She explained that when she learned of the disorder, it pushed her to research it further and try to figure out why the test to detect the disorder isn’t offered to all pregnant women. “Once I processed what she had told me, I was sick to my stomach for weeks.” Perri is now petitioning the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists to change the recommendation of testing only after two consecutive early pregnancy losses. “I can’t be angry at the doctors because they followed protocol. But the ACOG has the power to offer that test as part of a prenatal screening to every woman in her first trimester,” Perri said. “This is not about the past for me. It’s about saving babies.”

Christina Perri
Christina Perri – Instagram

Moving Forward In Her Healing Journey

While Perri said some days are tougher than others, she continues to move forward. “I don’t know if Paul or I will ever not feel that longing for Rosie,” she said. “But she will always be in my heart.” She honors her daughter with a tattoo of her name on her chest and a rose tattoo on her hand. She also has a rose tree in her garden.

Perri is getting ready to release her third studio album on July 15, “a lighter shade of blue.” This album will be Perri’s first studio album since the release of “Head or Heart” in 2013. She announced the new album after her single, “evergone” was released which follows her journey as she heals from the grief of losing Rosie.

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