Christina Ricci Reveals Which Animal She Identifies As And It’s Perfect For Her

Christina Ricci may be a proud dog mom, but she recently joked that she identifies more with a slightly less common pet. Here’s what Ricci had to say about her self-proclaimed spirit animal.

‘I Identify As A Feral Cat’

While most people know Christina Ricci for her off-beat childhood roles and recent success in the Showtime series Yellowjackets, they might not know that she’s also a passionate animal lover. Ricci has been channeling that passion by partnering with the pet food company Stella & Chewy’s for its “All You Need Is Raw” campaign. She recently attended the brand’s Raw Love event in Atlanta, Georgia.

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In addition to playing with many excited pups, Ricci got to peruse some art submissions that were created in honor of the artists’ beloved pets. “They have artwork here that really expresses love and emotion for pets,” Ricci began. First, she gravitated toward a painting of a cat in a crown by Olga Koval. The artwork seemed to speak to her, inspiring an off-the-cuff admission. “I identify as a feral cat, or a cat full of spiders,” Ricci commented.

The seemingly random admission, while jarringly funny, is also just so fitting. Given Ricci’s reputation for playing unconventional, often delightfully dark roles (Casper, The Addams Family, Sleepy Hollow, etc.) her choice of animal just makes sense. She would definitely be our first pick for a voice acting role in a movie about a “cat full of spiders.” Disney, get on this!

Christina Ricci Recently Lost Her Pet Cat

Ricci is used to having a full house. The mother of two also takes care of three dogs—Logan, Patrick, and Karen Carpenter—and had a pet cat that sadly passed away just a couple of months ago. However, she isn’t ruling out welcoming another feline friend into her home. “I’m an equal-opportunity animal lover. I really love cats as much as I love dogs,” Ricci told People.

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She also explained that her pets inspired her to team up with Stella & Chewy’s. Specifically, she references the oldest of her pups, Karen Carpenter. “Karen has been with me since I was about 29 years old. And I always say she’s my first baby,” Ricci explained. “And as she got older, I really wanted to make sure that not only did she live as long as possible, but that she lives comfortably and happily, and without the ailments that older dogs suffer from.”

Clearly, Ricci is passionate about pet health. So, despite the unlucky cat she may identify with, she most likely wants to keep all pets in her care domesticated and spider-free.

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