Christopher Lloyd Gives Fans A Wholesome ‘Back To The Future’ Reunion

Christopher Lloyd is reminding fans that he and Michael J. Fox are the original dynamic duo!

Christopher Lloyd Shared A Sentimental Photo

Christopher Lloyd Gives Fans A Wholesome 'Back To The Future' Reunion

The actor took to Twitter today and shared a sweet photo of himself embracing Fox. Both are smiling brightly li no time has passed. Lloyd who goes by Doc Brown Lloyd a homage to his Back to the Future character wrote a cryptic caption; “Time…”

The tweet got many fand buzzing about what this could all mean. They speculated in the comments that the actors ay be working on another sequel to the stellar movie series. Others believed it was a friendly run in and two old co-stars posed for a photo together.

Regardless of what the reason behind the post was, they were happy to see the actors till in contact and still willing to embrace one another, as we all know in Hollywood, that isn’t always the case.

Twitter Followers Love This Reunion

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan are seen at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California. 30 Jan 2017 Pictured: Michael J. Fox, Tracy Pollan. Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin / MEGA +1 888 505 6342 (Mega Agency TagID: MEGA14641_001.jpg) [Photo via Mega Agency]

“For a sequel? Or perhaps a reunion? Look, I’m there day 1 for a sequel IF it’s not a reboot and centers on the original cast BUT…with how wonderful the trilogy is and Hollywood’s track record of ruining these things decades later, I’d say approach with extreme caution!” warned a diehard fan of the franchise.

One person joked about the timeline of Lloyd and Fox’s friendship; “Forever friends since they first met in Nov. 5th 1955.”

Another fan didn’t see the need for another film if that is what these two were getting at; “I watched the Back to the Future trilogy movies several, several times, maybe more that 100 times. I will keep watching them 100 times more.” While another fan is always happy to see something these two are in, even if it forces us to sit through a probably not-great sequel, “A legacy sequel would be amazing.”

Christopher Lloyd And Micahel J. Fox Are Close

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The two always melt people’s hearts when they appear publicly together. In an interview with ET a while back, Fox said of Lloyd, “Chris is a delight,” he insists. “he’s gone from being this guy I worked with to kind of like being a brother, to being a guy who’s really like a father figure to me, in a way that I never expected,” he continued.

He notes that “people like us together. He refers to the veteran actor as a “delight”. Fans shared this clip in the comments along with others showing off the duo’s decades-long bond.

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