Ciara’s Critics & Supporters Go To War Over Her Revealing Oscar Party Dress

Ciara‘s outfit to the 2023 Oscars afterparty has caused a meltdown on social media.

Several people were thrown into opposing sides after the “Like a Boy” hitmaker turned up on the red carpet in a barely-there dress that hid nothing from onlookers. While one side argued that the singer should have opted for something more befitting for a married woman, others praised her for taking her fashion game up a notch.

Ciara’s Oscars Afterparty Ensemble Causes Mixed Reactions

Following the end of the 95th annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night, Ciara was one of many notable celebrities who went to the Annenberg Center in Beverly Hills for the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty. The mother-of-three, who has earned a reputation for her eclectic red carpet-looks, took things further in her chosen outfit.

The “Level Up” singer turned up for the event in a netted see-through gown which Dundas showcased on the runway at last week’s Paris Fashion Week ceremony. The halter dress showed everything, including her trim figure, a tiny black thong, and skin-tone nipple-covering pasties.

Ciara’s accessories featured Cartier diamond drop earrings, black elbow-length gloves, and a pair of strappy Santoni heels. For glam, she opted for a smokey black eye, some contour, and nude lipstick, styling her hair into a classic bob.

To show off the eye-catching outfit, the “All You’ve Got” actress dropped a short clip set to the tunes of M.I.A’s 2012 tune, “Bad Girls” on Instagram. The reel, which began with a photoshoot, showed the 37-year-old beauty twirling in front of a white door before posing for pictures with her husband, Russell Wilson, and rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

Amid the post receiving over 800k likes, some critics took to the comment section to air their opinions about the floor-length dress. One person stated that even though they loved the singer, Wilson had to improve his efforts, so his wife did not “walk out naked” again.

Another critic claimed that the outfit was “tacky” and screamed, “I NEED ATTENTION,” while a third commented that Ciara “just proved” she was “no different than non-believers.”

A fourth commenter reminded her, “you’re a wife and a mom have some self respect! Cover your body!,” and a fifth alleged that it was “a form of desperation to stay young and relevant.”

Others who saw the glamor in the dress rose to the “Body Party” hitmaker’s defense, with one explaining that she “was not thirsty for attention, or hoping to get married. She’s holding it down!! U can still keep it sexy while married!! That’s what makes this even more dope!”

Another supporter pointed out the dancer was dressed according to the party theme, and a third asked critics to mind their business. A fourth fan shared their disgust that “women can’t show anything while men can show every thing.”

Ciara's Critiques & Supporters Go To War Of Words Over Her Revealing Oscar Party DressCiara's Critiques & Supporters Go To War Of Words Over Her Revealing Oscar Party Dress
Instagram | Ciara

“Let this beautiful woman wear what she wants to and y’all try not to be bothered by her choices for herself,” a fifth netizen admonished, while a sixth added, “No one needs your opinion, nor cares. Sheesh! Scroll past for crying out loud. The body WAS the dress, ok?”

Yet another Instagram user emphasized that the Revlon Global Brand Ambassador did not need anybody’s approval since “she’s grown a** woman, doing what the hell she likes.”

The ‘Level Up’ Singer Shines Bright In Her Monochromatic Outfit

The Blast recently Tuesday that Ciara dressed to the nines when she went on a date night with Wilson, leaving nothing to the imagination in a sheer brown ensemble. The Seattle Sounders FC part owner’s monochrome choice featured a see-through dress that illuminated the black thong she wore underneath, a long-sleeve trench coat, and leather boots.

The House of LR&C founder hid her eyes behind oversized sunglasses and noticeable earrings in the same brown theme. Ciara showed off her toned body and natural curves in a clip posted to Instagram with the caption, “One of those Nights 🤎.” As expected, a multitude of fans gushed over her beauty, with one writing:

“No, it’s you really being the baddest boss ever! The way you’re dominating everything around you is INSPIRING ASF. You make women like me, moms like me.”

The post has been watched nearly a million times and received over 66k likes from her fans and followers.

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