Clint Eastwood Allegedly Refusing To Leave Any Of His $375 Million Fortune To His 8 Children, Rumor Says

Has Clint Eastwood cut his children out of his fortune? One report says the Gran Torino star isn’t letting his eight children near his millions. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Tightwad Clint Won’t Make His Kids’ Day’

According to the National Enquirer, Eastwood isn’t handing out any of his money to his kids. “He’s got eight kids from his various affairs, relationships, and two marriages,” a source says, ”but they all know they shouldn’t expect a dime from him.” The Paint Your Wagon star made a name for himself, and his children shouldn’t expect to do any differently, the insider explains.

Eastwood’s already helped his kids out plenty by welcoming them to film sets, and the source says, “They’ve learned the value of a dollar from their dad.” This doesn’t mean Eastwood doesn’t love his children, far from it, they add—he just doesn’t believe in splashing out on gifts or homes.

In both of his divorces, Eastwood was hardly generous. He settled with Sondra Locke in 2014 for just $1.5 million, while his first divorce totaled $25 million. The pair of settlements, a source concludes, are “probably another reason why he’s such a tightwad.”

Eastwood Has Adult Children Of Varying Success

This outlet acts like Clint Eastwood is withholding money from needy children, but his kids are all well into adulthood. His youngest child, Morgan, is a 25-year-old reality star who Clint has cast in multiple films. He’s helped most of his kids with roles in his own films, which the story hand-waves in passing. In reality, being Eastwood’s children has already given these kids a huge leg up in an ultra-competitive industry.

We cannot pretend to know about Eastwood’s personal finances, but then again, neither can the Enquirer. This is deeply personal information that the tabloid would not be privy to. We do know Clint has a presence in his son Scott’s life. He talked him out of signing on for more Suicide Squad movies. This signifies that he cares about his kid’s careers and is willing to help them out, at least with advice if not cash.

Other Attacks

Cash-related stories are a common Enquirer trope. It claimed Snoop Dogg was cash-strapped but spending plenty to maintain his lifestyle. He’s doing fine financially. It also attacked Madonna for skimping on pay for her boyfriend. Money stories are very easy to publish because finances are so private, but that doesn’t mean they’re accurate.

This outlet once erroneously claimed Eastwood had a feud with Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio personally cleared up the details of this story, so the tabloid didn’t have a leg to stand on. With no historical insight into Eastwood’s life, there’s no reason to trust this story.

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