CNN Is Losing One Of Its Longest-Tenured Reporters To An Incredibly Important Cause

It’s no secret that CNN had a turbulent 2022. Now, one of the network’s most senior reporters is stepping down from their position. Is 2023 shaping up to be another disorderly year for CNN? Here’s what we know.

CNN Underwent Many Changes In 2022

Last year, CNN got off to a scandalous start after network chief Jeff Zucker resigned from his position. As it turned out, Zucker failed to disclose a years-long affair he was having with a colleague.

While it wasn’t a good look, plenty of professionals and businesses have recovered from this kind of dirty laundry. The network pushed forward, launching its streaming service CNN+.

For the endeavor, the network recruited some big names to helm even bigger projects. However, the network made the decision to shut down the service just one month after its launch. This meant that multiple series that were in the works were abruptly axed, leaving many people either out of a job or hunting for a new network to host their project.

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In November, the network announced that it had begun layoffs. Of course, that’s never a good sign. By the end of 2022, people were reasonably questioning the future of CNN. Now, we’re possibly seeing another sign that the network isn’t through with this tumultuous period.

CNN Announces Departure Of Senior Reporter

Journalist Suzanne Malveaux joined CNN in 2003 as a correspondent. She rose through the ranks, going on to anchor one of the network’s dayside news hours and host the program Around the World.

For a full decade, Malveaux worked as a CNN White House Correspondent. Now, the established journalist has announced her plans to leave CNN. However, it’s clear she didn’t make the decision lightly.

Now, Malveaux is moving into a new chapter. Per the Hollywood Reporter, the journalist plans to take a step back from her work to spend more time with family. As for her professional life, she does intend to explore new projects. Apparently, she’s already in talks to collaborate with Nelson Mandela’s great-grandson on a new project.

Malveaux certainly isn’t leaving CNN on bad terms after her 20 years on the network. However, it’s just another sign that CNN is still going through a period of change.

As 2023 brings this huge development for the network, it certainly makes you wonder how the network will look going into 2024. Here’s hoping it adapts to the changing times and finds its footing!

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