Cobra Kai Jumps Ahead of Lucifer as Netflix’s Most Popular TV Show

Cobra Kai is the most popular series on Netflix. The first two seasons of the hit show debuted on the streaming service over the weekend after originally being an exclusive YouTube Red show. Netflix has taken over and is calling The Karate Kid series an Original, where they will premiere the highly anticipated third season next year. A concrete release date has not been announced by the platform as of this writing, but that news might be coming sooner, rather than later since the show has become a new hit.

Lucifer was the previous show to take over Netflix’s top ten shows, but it has fallen to number 3, thanks to Cobra Kai and The Frozen Ground. The Ralph Macchio and William Zabka-starring series took over their new home less than 24 hours after debuting. By Saturday morning, Cobra Kai was trending and number one. While the series was already popular, it did not receive the type of viewership and exposure that it currently has, thanks to the power of Netflix.

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While a lot of The Karate Kid fans may have been unaware of Cobra Kai when it originally came to YouTube Red, Netflix has blasted it far and wide. Obviously, one of the main factors about the show’s popularity is that it’s critically acclaimed. Old school fans love it for taking them back to the 1980s and continuing the story of Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso, while newcomers are enjoying the younger storyline. Finally, the Cobra Kai episodes are short and easy to binge. The demand for season three was already high, but it’s about to get a lot higher.

Cobra Kai is at number one, while Nicolas Cage’s The Frozen Ground is at number two over at Netflix. Lucifer is now at number 3 and I am a Killer: Released takes the number 4 slot. Million Dollar Beach House and The Umbrella Academy take the 5th and 6th spots, respectively. Project Power is at number 7, while Bunk’d is at 8 for this week. Animated shows Cocomelon and Hoops take the final two spots for the week. It will be interesting to see how long Cobra Kai can stay at number one with only two seasons to binge.

Cobra Kai season 3 will reveal Mr. Miyagi’s secret. In a short teaser, we saw teases of The Karate Kid 2 with Daniel LaRusso taking on a mystery opponent. While the look at the show was only a few seconds long, it was more than enough to get fans hyped for what’s coming next. In terms of production, the cast and crew were able to finish before the public health crisis brought everything to a screeching halt. They are now busy on the post-production process, which will not find the show getting a delayed release. The Cobra Kai popularity news comes to us from the Netflix official site.

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