Courteney Cox Shows Off Cleaning Hack That Actually Works

Anything that makes our everyday lives a little easier and more efficient is essential in our book. We’ve recently learned microwave hacks, laundry hacks, and beauty hacks that have all helped in those endeavors. We’ve also seen a lot of cooking hacks lately, and we’ve even learned how to cut and serve a cake without using a knife!

So, we’ve been waiting patiently for a next-level cleaning hack. And, of course, our favorite cleaning goddess, Courteney Cox, has delivered. Cox channeled her inner Monica Geller and gifted us the new cleaning hack. You should definitely try it after your make your next smoothie or morning milkshake).

The Friends actress shared the cleaning hack on her Instagram, with the caption, “Cleaning hack that actually works.” And with over 350k likes and thousands of comments, this hack is climbing the viral charts. 

The Ultimate Blender Hack

The Scream actress stated, “I saw this cleaning hack on Instagram, let’s see if it works” with the iconic song “No Scrubs” by TLC playing in the background.

After making her smoothie, Cox rinses the dirty blender and adds a few pumps of dish soap. She adds more water to the blender, then puts the blender back on its base and puts the top on.

Then, she turns the blender on and lets it run for a few seconds. The warm water and suds wash away any leftover smoothie contents. Afterward, she rinses the blender again and holds it up for proof that it’s as clean as it’s going to get. She stated, “Now that’s pretty genius, it actually is.”

Thanks, Monica!

Jonathan Van Ness, Queer Eye host, podcaster, and author commented on the Instagram post with several head-exploding emojis and said “so good.” Academy Award-winning actress, Julianne Moore just stated, “thank you” with a prayer hand emoji.

Other commenters alternated between either already knowing the hack or having never thought of it. And of course, some stated a version of, “Monica would have totally created that hack!!”

One commenter stated, “Girl, it’s literally in the instructions,” while another stated, “How have I never once thought of this?”

Granted, not everyone reads their instruction manual when they get a new appliance. And, why should they?! Social media and our bestie Courteney Cox are here to save the day!

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