Creative Way To Cut And Serve A Cake Without Using A Knife

While it may be hard to imagine a situation where a cake would be served without a knife in sight, life happens sometimes. In fact, you might even find yourself in a situation where even plates are hard to come by.

Enter in this viral cake hack that tackles both those issue with one simple solution. While the method has some people online reeling, we think it’s kind of genius. It’s arguably the easiest and quickest way one can divvy up cake to their guests. It also makes for a fun way to serve and eat cake that is a great option for kids.

How To Cut A Cake Without A Knife

The secret to this method is…(drum roll please)…a wine glass! Yup, you read that right. Simply turn the glass upside down and scoop up a portion of cake. It’s that simple!

Ideally, you’ll need a sturdy wine glass (those cheap ones from the dollar store work great), and a cake that’s room temperature and spongey. Stacked cakes also work a bit better than sheet cakes. Plus, everyone gets to choose their portion size and it doesn’t leave one person cutting the cake, potentially touching everyone’s slice. No thank you! 

People, however, had mixed feelings about this particular hack. The most wholesome comment of all by far was, “Awe now everyone has a cupcake.”  

Some people were more skeptical, and a lot of commenters had this take: “Just think about somebody doing it too hard and shattering the glass into the cake. Yummy, crunchy glass cake!”

One person didn’t know how to feel stating, “I don’t know why but I absolutely hate this.” And, another user had their mind changed, “Yeah, at first I wanted to hate it, but this is actually brilliant.”

Picnics, Kids’ Parties, Etc.

We’re big fans of this hack though. We definitely think it has the potential to make its way into parties of all kinds! Imagine a kid’s party where you don’t have to worry so much about spillage! Okay, so we don’t recommend using wine glasses in this case. But, we think plastic goblets or stemless glasses would work well.

Plus, when traveling to a picnic or other outdoor venue, who wants to be bogged down with extra silverware? Again, in this case, the cake could be “cut” using reusable plastic tumblers.

If you ever find yourself in a situation with a cake and no knives, you know what to do!

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