Curious Who The Masked Celeb Is In The Downy Commercials? We Have Some Ideas On Their Identity

Does Downy Unstoppables really keep clothes fresh for 12 weeks? Well, the company has recruited a mystery celebrity to put the product to the test.

Back in December, Downy Unstoppables began premiering a series of commercials featuring an unidentified celebrity. Throughout each 30-second ad, the anonymous celebrity wears a blue sweatshirt over his face, constantly sniffing the material to put the laundry product to the test. The commercials will build up to a 30-second Super Bowl commercial where the celebrity will reveal his face.

Downy Unstoppables’ First Official Super Bowl Ad

According to Marketing Dive, Downy Unstoppables has indeed purchased a 30-second ad spot for the Super Bowl LVII on Fox. This is a huge move for Downy’s parent company, Procter & Gamble, which hasn’t advertised during the Super Bowl in more than a decade.

Back in 2012, Downy Unstoppables premiered its commercial with Amy Sedaris and “Mean” Joe Greene of the Pittsburgh Stealers during the Super Bowl pregame. However, this is the first time the brand will advertise during the game itself.

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The first commercial premiered on December 12 and was titled, “I’m Not Doing It Yet.” The short ad is just the first of many in the two-month long ad campaign titled “Believe.” They each follow a similar format in which the anonymous celebrity professes his skepticism over the product’s effectiveness.

“Downy Unstoppables wants to use my face for their Super Bowl ad, but I haven’t agreed yet, because I don’t believe it keeps your clothes fresh for over 12 weeks,” the masked celebrity begins the first advertisement. “So, I’m going to sniff this thing until the Super Bowl to see if it’s true. But until then, I’m totally hiding my identity.”

The Ads Apparently Contain Easter Eggs

There have been five commercials so far, and, according to a spokesperson for the company, they each contain hints and easter eggs regarding the celebrity’s identity. That could refer to the script, the various guest characters, or the many props around the laundry room set.

Sitting on the shelf behind the masked celebrity are some books, trophies, figurines, a photo, and two drumsticks sticking out of a jar. We’ve parsed through the videos and haven’t been able to decode all the cryptic items—that’s if they’re easter eggs at all!

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Meanwhile, viewers have shared their guesses in the YouTube comment sections. Some heard the celebrity’s deep voice and immediately guessed comedian Rob Riggle. Others are certain it’s Righteous Gemstones actor Danny McBride underneath the blue sweatshirt.

We aren’t confident enough to cast our votes just yet, but we’ll certainly be tuning into the big reveal on February 12! In the meantime, we’ll be re-watching these commercials on the regular to see what hints we’re missing. At this point, your guess is as good as ours!

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