Dana Hamm Is ‘Chasing Waterfalls’ In A Tiny Gold Bikini

Model Dana Hamm is not leaving much to the imagination in her latest social media snaps!

On Monday morning, the “Trouble Is My Business” star shared a trio of snaps that featured her “chasing waterfalls” from her vacation in Tahiti while wearing nothing but a tiny gold bikini. Take a look!

Dana Hamm Is Dropping Jaws In Tahiti In A Tiny Gold Bikini

Dana Hamm is chasing waterfalls in a gold bikini
Instagram | Dana Hamm

In her latest Instagram post, the popular OnlyFans model shared a trio of snaps that featured her standing underneath a waterfall while on vacation in Tahiti. In one snap, she is holding her hand out to catch the droplets of water while she stands with her back against the wall. Her damp hair is brushed back out of her face as she hides her eyes behind angular sunglasses.

She has several gold chains looped around her neck to compliment her gold bikini halter top and drawstring thong bikini. She has one orange wristband wrapped around her right wrist while she holds a sheer cover-up in another hand. She is standing ankle-deep in the crystal clear water as water cascades down the wall behind her.

Dana Really Knows How To Take A Vacation!

Dana Hamm is chasing waterfalls in a gold bikini
Instagram | Dana Hamm

In a second snap, the social media sensation is wearing the same outfit as she kneels down in the crystal clear water. Fans can see her toned legs from beneath the waves as she relaxes in the water, using one hand to hold her damp hair up in a makeshift ponytail behind her. Mountains and clouds can be seen in the distance, giving fans a picture-perfect view of her location.

Dana tagged Te Moana Tahiti Resort as the location of the snaps. In the caption, she wrote, “I chased a lot of waterfalls in 2022, and it worked out pretty well. 😍 I’ve already booked 3 trips for 2023. Any bucket list suggestions?” She also included the hashtags #tahiti #moorea #borabora and #travel.

In the comments, she asked again: “Where should I go next? Any suggestions?” Fans were quick to suggest Hawaii and Latin America, but most fans just wanted to gush over her sultry snaps!

Dana Is Already Taking Bucket List Suggestions For Her Next Trip!

Dana Hamm is chasing waterfalls in a gold bikini
Instagram | Dana Hamm

In a third and final photo, Dana shared another look at the water streaming out over the wall above her as she continued to hold her hand out for the water. One fan commented, “I hope you are having a wonderful holiday and that all you wishes and dreams for this Yuletide season come true !! I for one will be looking forward to your continued travels and subsequent posts from far off and exotic places next year !!”

“Good for you, it’s great that you are able to chase your dreams, very few people actually get to do that !! You work hard and always grace the gram with amazing things,” another follower chimed in. “Doesn’t get any sexier than you 😍🔥❤️ wow,” a third fan gushed. “Looking good there Dana,” another follower commented.

One follower wrote, “Oh GOD, Wooooooooow n Wooooooooow n Wooooooooow ,I screaming that my classy exclaimed blonde barbie Princess your style n wearing ecessuar’s in modeling ends of the fashion world and no one like you.”

Dana Teased A Look At Her Waterfall Adventures In Her Instagram Stories!

Dana Hamm in a bikini gets wet standing underneath a waterfall
Instagram Stories | Dana Hamm

Over a week ago, Dana had teased a look at her trip to the waterfall in her Instagram Stories. Although the pictures that she posted on Monday were composed, this photo looks a bit chaotic. Dana is wearing a black bikini for these shots and it looks like it’s all she can do to hang onto the wall as water streams down from overhead!

“Good morning bb Yes this is one of the most beautiful waterfalls. And one of the most beautiful and sexiest women there is. your bikini 👙 is d— hot, ❤️‍🔥 I like it very much.❤️😋🎅🤶,” another fan gushed.

“Your beauty is so refreshing. Your demeanour is breathtaking, and your pictures are outstanding beautiful 😍,” another follower gushed. “Absolutely gorgeous,” another fan chimed in.

Fans Just Can’t Get Enough Of Popular Model Dana Hamm!

Interested in more Dana Hamm content? Fans just can’t get enough of the popular OnlyFans model!

In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation shared several snaps that featured her dressed as a sexy Mrs. Claus… but fans are worried that’s going to put her on Santa’s naughty list!

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