Daniel Craig Transforms Into A Love Machine, Blames It On The Alcohol

Daniel Craig is dancing for his alcohol in the latest Belvedere vodka ad directed by Taika Waititi.

Daniel Craig Never Looked So Smooth

That’s saying a lot for the man who played suave 007 James Bond for five films. In the ad, he struts through a hotel after a premiere of a big film with lights from cameras flashing in his face. The actor begins to strip immediately and dances through the lobby of the grand hotel.

He isn’t shy about it either; he dances in front of people in the elevator and in front of service staff cleaning up rooms along his hallway. He thrusts his pelvis and wipes around a red kerchief like he is whipping around in the air as if, he is riding a bull.

It is all very seductive in a goofy and cute way. By the end of the commercial, Craig pours himself a glass of that smooth vodka and we hear Waititi yell “cut”. In a comedic moment, he asks Craig to do it again but “be yourself”.

The sexy 54-year-old winks at the camera and smiles revealing a grill with his initials D.G. on his teeth.

Daniel Craig Has Some Moves

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The Dream House actor was surprisingly putting it down. This must be one of the reasons why Rachel Wiess is obsessed with her husband. Not only was he busting some moves, but he was also making eyes at the camera, really making all women believe, they might have a chance!

The music helps too and that was provided by Waititi’s girlfriend Rita Ora featuring Giggs. It’s a fun pop song with an edge, typical of Ora. The moment is epic and funny. The end of the commercial posted by the Thor Love and Thunder director featured a few seconds of bloopers that were actually funny!

Waititi captioned the post, “I loved collaborating on this with my sweetheart. And also @ritaora 💥😜 @belvederevodka #DanielCraig,” he teases.

So Many Celebs Wanted To Participate

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One could assume that with the huge amount of love that Craig and Waititi received in the comments, they were the ones who wanted the role. “F*****g amazing!” wrote an excited Dave Bautista.

Karl Urban was equally impressed but less vulgar about it, “Amazing,” he commented. Rita Ora also cheered on her man “Hahahaaha that was good.” Belvedere vodka also showed love and reminisced on the “vision” of it all. ““Finally” the campaign is out! We had a blast seeing your vision come to life,” they encouraged the director.

Fans of Craig’s were impressed as well and shared their thoughts on his moves. “Daniel Craig living his Christopher Walken moment.”

“That looked like a lot of fun and Daniel Craig is a goddamn icon,” wrote an impressed fan. “Does he even need the vodka? He seems to be having a great time without it,” noticed a fan. “This is what James Bond does in his own time when he’s not working,” fantasized another.

Rita Ora Shared The Commercial As well

Daniel Craig Transforms Into A Love Machine, Blames It On The Alcohol

The singer made it very clear she was proud of her man and posted the commercial on her IG Story. She shared a few behind-the-scene snippets of all the fun that was, no doubt, had on set. She shared posts of likes and comments from friends and fans who were loving the vibe of the commercial and this new side of the actor.

Ora also showed love to Waititi in particular for his birthday with a cute photo of him with a silly birthday hat on his head. It really seems like this has been a great week for the director and he took a few lucky people along for the ride with him.

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