David Nail Reveals His Wish To Expand His Family – ‘I Know We Would Like One More’

Country singer David Nail wants to be a father again.

The frontman of the band David Nail & The Well Ravens first became a father in 2015 after getting married to his long-term girlfriend, Catherine Werne. The pair’s first attempt yielded twins, a daughter, Lillian, and a son, Lawson. In 2020, they welcomed another daughter Ellie, further expanding their family.

Despite the challenges of raising three children over the years, Nail does not feel ready to put his boots away just yet. Recently, the artist stated his desire to have another child but claims his wife will make the final decision.

David Nail Wants A ‘Summertime Baby’

According to People, the country music artist talked about life as a parent of three children, recalling various adorable moments that have occurred over the years. When asked if he sees himself expanding the family, the singer responded positively, adding that he and his wife were already thinking about the possibility.

“I always defer to my wife because she’s the one that has to carry the baby, but yeah, I know we would like one more,” Nail said. “Catherine is so very protective of these embryos and so close to them. We have a trip out to California for a week in September, and we’re sort of thinking that maybe a month or so after that, we would go ahead and try for one more. We would love to have a summertime baby.”

Regarding the sex of the fourth child, Nail jokingly admitted that his son Lawson wanted his own playmate.

“Lawson is very adamant about it,” he added. “He doesn’t even allow himself to think about it being another girl.”

His Wife Got Pregnant Through IVF

Although having three children seems to indicate that Nail and Werne had an easy time becoming pregnant. The singer clarified that this was untrue, saying that his wife only conceived their three children through in-vitro fertilization, and even then, only after several failures.

“All of our kids are here via IVF,” Nail told the publication. “We had tried IVF in between the baby and the twins, and it wasn’t successful. And it’s weird because, obviously, it’s a God thing. You can try to plan it, but obviously, you have really no control over if it will work or not. So yeah, we talk all the time about the one that wasn’t successful. What would they have been like?”

On the upside, Nail acknowledged that the age difference between the three children ultimately worked to Ellie’s advantage since the twins, who were older, helped to take care of her.

David Nail Says His Son Is ‘Sensitive’ And ‘Shy’ Like Him

The singer continued by discussing his children’s personalities, saying that his daughter was more like his wife and that his son shared his own trait of being “sensitive” and “shy.”

“I think both Lillian and Ellie are going to be just like Catherine,” Nail revealed. “But my son Lawson, he’s very much like me. He’s very sensitive, and he’s very shy. But he’s got a really good ear, and he’s got a really pretty voice for an almost 6-year-old. He just doesn’t really know quite yet if it’s cool to sing, even though his father does.”

Despite still being a young child, the singer’s son is learning about love, as Nail quipped that he had a crush on a girl who lived nearby.

“My son has developed a little crush on this girl across the street,” says Nail. “My wife and I joke around and say that he’s already got his first summer fling, and he’s 5½. It’s so cute, but he’s got it bad.”

‘Story to Tell Tour’

In the meantime, Nail is growing his musical popularity, recently releasing a new song called “Sunset Carousel.” The country artist also plans on hitting the road this Fall for his “Story to Tell Tour” with special guest Tyler Braden.

“ATTTENTION!! I am so excited to announce the Story to Tell Tour and taking @tylerbradenmusic with us this Fall! This Tour is so special to me, and I can’t wait to bring all of our new music on the road,” the singer posted on his Instagram page during the week.

Nail will host shows in cities across the U.S for the rest of the year. On September 16, the singer will visit The Grizzly Rose in Denver. His next show comes up at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta, followed by stops in Charleston, Columbus, Cincinnati, Jeffersonville, Rootstown, and Cedar Park.

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