David, Victoria Beckham Worried About Losing Their “Jet-Set Lifestyle?”

Were David and Victoria Beckham worried they’d “lose it all” after recent financial crunch? One tabloid reported that was the case a few weeks ago. Gossip Cop investigated the claims and determined the truth was more complicated than the outlet let on.

Heat recently published an article claiming David Beckham and his wife are “in crisis” after David’s Miami soccer club, Inter Miami, began facing strain thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The club, and 25 other teams, were forced to take an unplanned 30-day break in March due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. Since then, the number of Covid-19 cases have continued to spike in Florida, which has made playing in front of live spectators nearly impossible for the fledgling soccer club. “This is their biggest test yet. David is very concerned about the club’s future,” a “Beckham insider” told the outlet.

“Now, after playing only two games in front of supporters, it all looks under threat and it may not be possible for the team to play again.” The insider went on to say that both David and Victoria were “terrified” about what this development could mean for “them as a brand” as well as their “personal fortune.” Getting spectators “through the gates and watching games” was supposedly “essential” in order to “earn revenue and build a loyal fan base,” but those plans have been tossed out the window.

“David is watching everything he built just slip away, the cost is enormous, there was so much money invested, and once they opened the doors, they needed all the ticket and merchandise sales they could get to bring the cash in,” the tipster confided, adding, “It’s a disaster.”

The outlet estimated David and Victoria Beckham’s net worth at about £336 million, with David spending an estimated £25 million to buy the Inter Miami franchise. The couple also recently purchased a £24 million apartment in Miami, which the publication claims “could now be unnecessary.” The source insisted Victoria and David “could be facing losing a lot of money over this. They’ve been used to a jet-set lifestyle – with luxurious holidays and properties all over the world – and if this all goes wrong, they may have to scale back.” Gossip Cop has a few contradictions and corrections to address about this article.

It’s almost certain that David and Victoria Beckham have taken quite a loss due to the lack of ticket and merchandise sales since large gatherings at sporting events goes against social distancing guidelines. But, unlike the overly dramatic reporting in this article suggests, the team is once again playing games. As for the almost hysterical claims that David and his wife are wringing their hands over the club’s financial losses, there’s actually ample proof that David is continuing to invest money in different areas, including his recent foray into e-sports.

Also, it should be noted that the Beckhams are multi-millionaires, so the idea that the couple are facing financial ruin after one investment might have gone sideways is laughable. Even if the family is forced to sell off some of their assets and take fewer “luxurious” vacations, they will still be unbelievably rich. This outlet was clearly overhyping the issue in order to make their reporting more eye-catching. That’s why this story is as complicated as they come.

Gossip Cop always has doubts about the stories Heat publishes, especially when the stories are about David and Victoria Beckham. In the past, we’ve busted the shady tabloid for claiming the Beckhams were trying to buy their way to a happy marriage. That was blatantly untrue. So was the claim that Victoria was upset with David for “stealing” her “pretty blonde” personal trainer. There is no low this tabloid won’t go to, apparently.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop cannot come to a verdict either way.

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