Death Returns in New Bill & Ted Face the Music Clip

Orion Pictures has released a most excellent new clip from Bill & Ted Face the Music. It appears that the Wyld Stallyns and Death may have had a falling out in the decades between Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. The studio is starting to ramp up the hype train because the long-awaited movie is finally opening in theaters and VOD this week. It’s been nearly 30 years since we’ve seen the Wyld Stallyns share the stage and 2020 could really use some of that Bill and Ted magic.

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In the latest clip from Bill & Ted Face the Music, Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) reunite with their old friend and Wyld Stallyns bandmate Death (William Sadler). Only, despite their good intentions, Death isn’t so happy to see the Wyld Stallyns this time. Before saying hello, the boys notice that Death is cheating at hop scotch while playing by himself. As they greet Death, he thinks that the duo have come down to Hell to sue him again.

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It’s not clear what kind of falling out that the Wyld Stallyns had with Death in the clip, but Bill & Ted Face the Music will explain the whole situation. Keeping bands together can be pretty rough, just ask the guys in Black Sabbath, Van Halen, or even A Tribe Called Quest. Egos flare up and fights become insurmountable to where it becomes impossible to share a room with band other members, even when there are millions of dollars at stake. However, for Bill and Ted, it’s not about money. It’s about saving the world, which makes things even heavier for our heroes.

In addition to the latest clip from Bill & Ted Face the Music, the studio if offering fans a chance to step into the world Bill and Ted like never before with an all new immersive 360 experience. With Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant, Non-Heinous 360 Adventure Through Space and Time As We Know It, viewers are able to embark on a most excellent journey through the Circuits of Time to visit locations inspired by Bill & Ted Face the Music. Now there’s even more Bill and Ted experiences to look forward to.

Bill & Ted Face the Music was in development hell for a lot of years. Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson had the story lined up and their stars were always ready to return. However, the business side of things hadn’t really caught up to the world of Bill and Ted when they originally wanted to make the sequel, so it sat around for quite a bit, which Keanu Reeves thinks actually benefitted their storyline. In the end, Reeves may have been right. Regardless, it’s almost time to officially watch Bill & Ted Face the Music, and that is definitely something to get excited about. You can watch the reunion clip above, thanks to the Orion Pictures YouTube channel. And then check out the Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant, Non-Heinous 360 Adventure Through Space and Time As We Know It video below.

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