Demi Lovato Offers Up One Thousand Months Of Free Therapy

Demi Lovato is making 2021 the year of giving back.

After a quarantined 2020 with many highs, lows, awfuls and uglies, the singer is helping get people therapy.

The “Will & Grace” actress has never been one to avoid talking about mental health and their own personal struggles.

As many Demi fans know, she had a near fatal overdose in 2018 and prior to the OD, they had slipped back into their battle with bulimia.

They have been able to be open and vulnerable about their mental health struggles thanks to mental health care.

Unfortunately, mental health care can be expensive, not readily available or looked down upon.

Demi is ready to change that with their new Talkspace initiative.

On Thursday, July 15, Talkspace’s official Instagram account announced their ‘Talkspace Access Project.’

“We’re proud to announce the launch of The Talkspace Access Project, our new initiative aimed at increasing access to #therapy and #mentalhealth resources for underserved communities. To kick off, we’ve partnered with @ddlovato to create a fund offering 1,000 months of free therapy,” their announcement read.

It continued, “With a mounting global mental health crisis, our hope is to bring valuable resources to the communities that need it most in a way that is easily accessible.”

Demi also gave a statement to Talkspace that said, “Far too many people still can’t find or afford quality mental health care, especially in communities of color. I am so proud to partner with Talkspace to break down some of these barriers through this initiative… I hope we can improve access to care and break down stigmas in communities where the need is great and growing every day.”

Demi spoke about the initiative to Refinery29 saying, “Therapy has been critical to my life and well-being, but many still say that mental health conditions are exaggerated or not real. Mental health conditions are real, and more people than we know suffer through them in silence. Through this partnership, I want to use my voice to bring more awareness to mental health care, let people know it is ok to seek care, and show people that therapy should be available for all who need it.”

Therapy has been a critical part of the singer’s life for a long time; however, they leaned into ten-fold when coming out as non-binary in May.

“For so long I went to such great lengths to suppress who I really am to fit this sexy, feminine pop star and actress image that others had assigned for me that I never truly identified with,” they tell Refinery29. “Through tools like therapy, I now know how important it is to live your truth and not suppress yourself because you can only carry on like that for so long before it comes spilling out and manifesting, sometimes negatively, in other ways.”

Ariana Grande participated in a similar initiative with Better Help.

The “Be Alright” singer gifted $1 million worth of therapy to her fans. She announced her partnership with Better Help in late June.

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