Demi Lovato Reveals She Is Never Going On Tour Again! Says ‘I Can’t Do This Anymore’

Singer and former child star Demi Lovato recently revealed that her current music tour would be her last. Lovato posted several now-deleted photos on her Instagram story and admitted that she’s too sick and “can’t do this anymore,” so this “next tour will be my last.”

Lovato’s tour is just a month old, and it’s unclear what effect her statements will have on the remaining dates scheduled in the U.S. The singer was one of many celebrities who supported musician Shawn Mendes when he postponed his tour to focus on his mental health and family.

Lovato has been very open about her eating disorders and substance abuse problems with her fans. She has also released a memoir detailing her experiences, and there are several documentaries on them too. Lovato even recently shared her first experience with drugs during a podcast episode.

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Demi Lovato’s Current Tour Is Their Last

Demi Lovato
Instagram/Demi Lovato

Lovato recently posted on her Instagram stories, including photos of her gazing out the window. The posts, which she has since deleted, read (per Deadline), “I’m so f–king sick I can’t get out of bed. I can’t do this anymore. This next tour will be my last. I love and thank you, guys.”

However, the “Heart Attack” singer didn’t clarify whether she meant that this would be her last tour for the “Holy Fvck” campaign or if it would be the last tour for her music career as a whole.

Demi Lovato
Instagram/Demi Lovato

Lovato later posted several posts on her Stories, hinting that her health has now affected her voice. One read, “Gonna power thru it for you guys [sick emoji] [black heart emoji] I’ll need help singing so sing loud for me bb’s!!”

Another post included a backstage selfie of Lovato on tour. In this post, the “Cool for the Summer” actress wrote, “I barely have a voice, I’m gonna be pointing the mic to the audience a lot tonight.”

Demi Lovato’s Tour Is A Month Old

Lovato’s “Holy Fvck” tour is for her eighth studio album, “Holy Fvck,” which was very different from her pop sound in her previous albums. The tour began a month ago with a performance in Des Moines and has completed several dates in South America.

Demi Lovato

With Lovato’s announcement, it’s unclear if she will even complete the over twenty dates left, most of which are scheduled in the U.S. The tour also includes performances from some artists Lovato featured, like Dead Sara and YUNGBLUD.

She Supported Shawn Mendes’ Tour Postponement

Lovato was one of several celebrities who supported singer Shawn Mendez when he announced that he would take a break from his Wonder world tour to focus on his mental health and familial relationships.

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Lovato spoke on Mendez’s decision during an appearance on the “Karson & Kennedy Show.” The “Substance” singer said, “I know what it’s like to get out on the road and not be ready for it. I know what it’s like to feel overworked or burnt out.”

She continued, “That’s never a fun feeling, and when it’s dealing with mental health, it’s like, ‘gosh.’ My heart just goes out to him. It is something that I thought about. It’s been four years since I’ve toured and I’m at a different age, I’m at a different place in my life…”

Demi Lovato Is Open About Her Health Struggles

Lovato has been very open about her health struggles and drug abuse problems. In 2013, she published a memoir titled “Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year” and has three documentaries detailing her bipolar disorder experiences and her famous 2018 drug overdose.

Demi Lovato at Elton John Aids Foundation Oscar Party

During a recent episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast, Lovato shared her experience of trying drugs for the first time with host Alexandra Cooper. She said, “I started experimenting for the first time when I was 12, or 13. I got into a car accident and they prescribed me opiates.”

The “Sonny with a Chance” star continued, “My mom didn’t think she would have to lock up the opiates from her 13-year-old daughter but I was already drinking at that point. I had been bullied and was looking for an escape.”

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