Demi Moore Shares Topless Photos Of Daughter Rumer Willis To Celebrate Her Birthday

Actress Rumer Willis turned 34 on August 16 and proud mom Demi Moore celebrated by posting some celebratory photos on social media.

However, she didn’t just share any old photos of her daughter. Instead, she posted several topless photos that shocked several of her followers.

Demi Moore Shares Snaps Of Daughter Rumer Willis Topless In The Pool To Celebrate Her Birthday

Demi Moore posts photos of Rumer Willis for her 34th birthday
Instagram | Demi Moore

In one photo in the Instagram carousel, Rumer Willis looks like she’s in the pool in the backyard. She’s completely topless, with droplets of water sticking to her sun-kissed skin. Her curly ginger hair is tied in a messy bun on top of her head as she glances over one shoulder.

“My sweet Rumer. Happy Birthday my angel!” Demi, 59, wrote in the caption of the Instagram post. “As you have blossomed into this elegant, beautiful, feminine, intelligent, soulful, creative, talented woman, know you will always be my little girl. I love you and wish you the best new year!! ❤️.”

Demi Also Shared Another Snap Of Rumer Topless In The Tub!

Demi Moore posts photos of Rumer Willis for her 34th birthday
Instagram | Demi Moore

In another snap, the “Striptease” actress has her knees pulled into her chest as she sits naked in a jacuzzi tub. Her mouth is wide open as she stares down the camera, her ginger hair again tied in a messy bun atop her head.

“So sweet as a little girl grew up into a talented beautiful woman ❤️,” one fan commented. “Happy Birthday beautiful Rumer! Many blessings 🎊🎉🎂,” another follower wrote. “Rumor- I always enjoy her acting. Happy Birthday 🎂 Beautiful Lady. 🔥,” said a third fan.

Demi Shares A Throwback Mother & Daughter Snap

Demi Moore posts photos of Rumer Willis for her 34th birthday
Instagram | Demi Moore

In another snap, Demi shared a photo of a young Rumer Willis – still topless – but this time, as a young girl. Her hair is still as curly as ever as Demi smiles for the camera in a Yankees cap.

“She looks like you. Gorgeous,” one fan wrote. “Love when you see them blossom in their authenticity. Rare and magical,” another follower commented. Other fans said that she looks more like her dad, actor Bruce Willis, while another fan pointed out, “She’s naked in all three pics lol.”

Rumer Willis Shares Some Self-Love On Instagram

Rumer Willis Shares Stunning Bikini Photos For 33rd Birthday!
Instagram | Rumer Willis

Earlier this year, “The House Bunny” actress opened up about self-love in a candid Instagram post. “It is easy to love the parts of ourselves that we feel are likable or exciting, the ones we lead within the world,” she wrote.

“This year I have been working on exploring the shadows 🌚 and radically accepting them, as challenging as that may feel at times,” she continued. “Allowing myself to be seen, to be vulnerable. Shining a light on them and reframing the idea around growth from trying to let go or get rid of parts of myself to allowing them all to exist and loving them all.”

Bikini Photos
Instagram | Rumer Willis

“From my experience, the parts that we reject in ourselves are usually just very young parts that are hurting and actually need the most love,” she went on. “I invite you to explore your own shadows and instead of judging them if you can give those parts a voice and allow them to ask you for what they need and give it to them.”

“Love all of you unconditionally and uncompromisingly,” she concluded.

Rumer Willis Wishes Herself A Happy Birthday With Throwback Snaps

Throwback to baby
Instagram | Rumer Willis

In another Instagram post, the “Sorority Row” actress posted several throwback snaps of her childhood self. “34 might be my favorite year yet…☀️,” she wrote in the caption. “Feel as happy as this tiny version of me looks. Happy Birthday little ru.”

Plenty of fans and famous friends piled on the post to wish her a happy birthday. One follower presented her with a gushing tribute, writing, “You’re a true gift to this earth @rumerwillis ..a heart of a lion, thank you for making this world a brighter, more accepting and loving place, you’re a true example of what a pure heart is capable of achieving on this earth..true Magic my friend…maddest love and have the best day with family and friends xx.”

Only one day before her birthday, mom Demi Moore, 59, looked absolutely ageless when she posted a photo of her lounging on a boat in an itty bitty pink bikini. Fans can check out those fun summer snaps by clicking here.

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