Derek Hough Hates The Way Tyra Banks Runs ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Tyra Banks Is Tyrant On ‘DWTS’?

According to the Globe, Tyra Banks runs DWTS like a “sweatshop” when the cameras aren’t rolling. The paper suggests the staffers and the contestants are “sneering” over the model’s “hop-to-it” attitude. “The show’s tone is changing and Tyra’s hard-nosed, no-nonsense personality is right in the middle of things,” a source spills to the Globe. The insider adds Banks is not only the host but also the executive producer of DWTS and “takes the title” seriously. “Even with all the ego, Tyra wants it to run like a military operation, which was how she did things on America’s Next Top Model,” the Globe’s source purports.

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