Did You Know Ryan Seacrest And Teri Hatcher Had A Brief Romance?

Hollywood is full of strange romantic pairings, and the world is used to hearing about seemingly mismatched couples. One of those couples didn’t make many headlines when they were together, but did you know Ryan Seacrest and Teri Hatcher had a brief fling?

Seacrest And Hatcher’s Short-Lived Relationship: ‘I Haven’t Seen Him Since That Day’

In 2006, both Desperate Housewives and American Idol were at the forefront of pop culture, so you’d think that two major stars hooking up would be par for the course. These two, however, just seem like an odd match. The pair were seen kissing, which jump-started rumors of a relationship, but it seemed to end as quickly as it began. Shortly after the pictures were made public, Hatcher appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to address her connection to Seacrest. 

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“I haven’t seen him since that day,” Hatcher explained. “So all the stuff about everything else is just made up.” She also shared that the picture was from the couple’s third date—and on the same day, the American Idol host broke things off. 

According to Hatcher, Seacrest called her and said, “I don’t think I can do this with you.” When Winfrey asked what might have prompted this decision, the actress joked, “I don’t know. I ate too much lobster? You’d have to ask him.”

Hatcher And Seacrest’s High-Profile Romances

Seacrest isn’t the only famous face Hatcher had a brief romance with. In the same Oprah Winfrey Show interview, the actress addressed her alleged romance with George Clooney. “That was really fabricated,” she explained. “We went to one dinner back in December, and that was it. No kissing.”

Since their short-lived fling, both Hatcher and Seacrest have gone on to have more high-profile relationships. While Hatcher is currently single, she has been seen with stars like David Spade, Dean Cain, and Michael Bolton. She has also been married twice: first to actor Marcus Leithold in 1988, then to Jon Tenney in 1994. 

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Seacrest has also been seen with a bevy of beauties since his time with Hatcher, including model Shana Wall, actress Julianne Hough, and former pageant queen Hilary Cruz. The TV personality has since settled down with model Aubrey Paige. The couple has been together since May of 2021. Hatcher and Seacrest’s relationship might have been short-lived, but it’s still one of Hollywood’s more unlikely pairings.

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