Diehard Christopher Nolan Fans Are Booking Flights to See Tenet

Diehard Christopher Nolan fans are booking flights to see Tenet. Movie theaters across the United States are still largely closed, though there are some that are slowly opening up again. AMC plans on having at least half of their theaters opened by the time Tenet hits North America in September. This isn’t only a problem in the United States. Some Nolan fans are booking flights in Europe in order to get a chance to see the movie before spoilers start getting out, though the travel ban could very well throw a monkey wrench into their plans.

Tenet is scheduled to premiere in North American theaters that are allowed to open on September 3rd. There are some earlier screenings in the days before, which is what Los Angeles resident Tyler Tompkins intends to jump on. The 24-year old Christopher Nolan fan has booked a flight to Austin to see the movie on September 1st, which he purchased for $220. Tomkins had this to say about his dedication.

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“I’m seeing the movie like three hours after I land. That’s the whole purpose of this trip. My friends think I’m crazy, going all the way across the country to watch it, but we want to show support for this film and we’ll do anything to see it.”

The ongoing public health crisis has kept movie theaters across the world from keeping their doors open. As for jumping on a plane to see Tenet, Tyler Tompkins isn’t fazed by the health risks. “I’m not too worried,” he shrugs. “If I get sick, that’s my problem, but I want to make sure I don’t get anyone else sick, so I’ll be following the precautions.” Another Los Angeles resident, who asked to remain anonymous, is flying to Utah to catch a Tenet screening and likened it to camping out for a new Star Wars movie or the latest iPhone. “It’s stupid, yes,” says the 30-year old, “but it’s something I’m interested in.”

The anonymous Los Angeles resident doesn’t see too much harm in jumping on a plane to see Tenet. He notes that some people have been “selfish” about drinking and heading to casinos recently to make his argument. He doesn’t believe that this situation is the same thing at all. “This [release] will be a referendum on whether or not theatrical for large blockbusters can happen, and I don’t want these films to go the way of Mulan,” he says. “If a film is shot for IMAX, I’m interested in seeing it on a large-format screen.” Christopher Nolan movies are meant to be an experience, and a lot of his fans will do whatever they can to make sure they can be there for it.

Even Tom Cruise saw an early screening of Tenet in London. Luk&á&š Meinhart is based in Prague, Czech Republic, and he plans on flying his wife out to London to see the movie at BFI IMAX, which is where Cruise recently saw the movie. However, he may not be able to since England is tightening its borders. If Meinhart and his wife, who is in Austria, head into London, they’ll have to self-quarantine there for two weeks, which will be quite costly. A Christopher Nolan fan in Paris is in the same boat at the moment, unless England decides to lessen restrictions in the coming weeks. Some people will do what it takes to make sure they see Tenet the way the director originally intended. Variety originally conducted the interviews with the diehard Christopher Nolan fans.

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