Dionne Warwick Picks A Heated Beef With Chucky For Most Popular Celebrity On Twitter

Of all the things you thought would happen in Hollywood this Thanksgiving, we bet the thought of Dionne Warwick having a Twitter feud with Chucky didn’t cross your mind. Neither did it for us!

The veteran singer sure knows how to cause mayhem with her Twitter account. However, it seems she switched things up to another level when she was challenged by the terrifying doll character.

Dionne Warwick Has A BIG Problem With Chucky!

Only the Child’s Play antagonist can get the legendary Dionne Warwick to throw shade. It’s unsure where the feud between both parties sprung up the “Walk On By” songstress had been quiet online for most of Thanksgiving until Chucky poked the bear.

Dionne Warwick

With Warwick having over 600K followers on the platform and Chucky having a mere 233K, the doll didn’t seem pleased and decided to call out the 81-year-old singer in a shady tweet.

we all know i’m the most popular celebrity on #twitter but @dionnewarwick comes in at a close second #chucky,” the official account of the horrific vintage doll wrote. However, Warwick didn’t take the remark lightly and clapped back in a quote tweet, “Not even 400 likes in 24hr. Please reconsider.”

Indeed, the exceptional vocalist put her bragging rights where her Twitter is garnering over 12,000 likes in the same of just 10 hours. As of this writing, the likes on Chucky’s tweet stand at a mere 705. What a burn!

It didn’t take long for Warwick’s huge fanbase to rally in support of her. One proud fan gushed, “cleared that lil doll with ease,” while another added, “When you’re right, you’re right, ma’am.”

This impressed netizen wrote, “Roasting the turkey a little early aren’t we?” While another fan noted, “You’d think Chucky would know better than to come get roasted.” A die-hard fan of the “Rent-A-Cop” star declared, “You’re a press conference. He’s barely a conversation. (c/o Mariah Carey). Say a little prayer for Chucky…”

The shade even stung harder, given that Warwick performed at the Thanksgiving Day Parade and still had the time to put Chucky in his place. “You’re always number 1 in my book! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!” gushed this fan.


It seems Warwick wasn’t the only star Chucky tried to poke fun at on Thanksgiving, as the teddy bear had some words for WWE stars Nikki and Brie Bella. The account tagged the iconic wrestlers and asked, “nikki @BellaTwins i heard you’re hosting a show with games. wanna play?”

The girls then replied, “Don’t know if you can handle it little one… but if you’re a good boy you can play against me in Drunken Axehole… seems about right for you.”

Warwick Has Her Eyes On This Hollywood Heartthrob

The “Heartbreaker” star’s feud with Chucky comes shortly after the internet is still trying to recover from the stunt she pulled recently.

It is no news that Pete Davidson is the hottest thing in Hollywood thanks to his BDE and the array of hot A-list women he has bagged as exes and flings. The latest to join the family is model Emily Ratajkowski, who recently kickstarted her divorce proceedings from her estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

As news of Ratajkowski’s budding romance with Davidson made headlines, Warwick decided to shoot her shot in the most unlikely way. As we reported, the great vocalist tweeted, “I will be dating Pete Davidson next,” while including a status that read, “tweeting it into existence.”

Fans seemed to greatly love the prospect and asked the octogenarian to go after the man of her dreams. One fan urged, “Wear him out, Auntie! 😂😂😂,” while another advised, “hat will be the pinnacle for him. Let him down gently when you’re done with him, he’ll be a broken man.”

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