Dirty Work 2 Talks Are Happening, But Director Bob Saget Is Not There Yet

Dirty Work 2 just might happen as director Bob Saget and star Norm Macdonald have been discussing the possibility. Co-starring Artie Lange alongside Macdonald, Dirty Work was released in theaters in 1998. While it was, unfortunately, a box office bomb that garnered a lot of negative reviews from critics, it has come to be considered a cult classic by many fans who remember the movie fondly. A sequel may turn out to be just as entertaining, but given its lack of financial success in 1998, a followup movie never seemed likely to happen.

Speaking with Bill Burr and Burt Kreischner on The Bill Bert Podcast earlier this year, Saget dropped the overlooked revelation that early talks have begun on Dirty Work 2. During the conversation, Saget chats with the two podcast hosts about Macdonald, leading to the topic of their time making Dirty Work together. Saget then teased Dirty Work 2 by suggesting that there’s some studio interest in the sequel, but it sounds like they’re waiting for the right time to come along.

“We are talking about possibly trying to do a sequel. And we’ve got some permission from the big cheeses. But we’re not there yet.”

Directed by Bob Saget and written by Macdonald, Frank Sebastiano, and Fred Wolf, Dirty Work stars Macdonald and Lange as Mitch Weaver and Sam McKenna, two lifelong friends who form a revenge-for-hire business in a desperate bid to fund heart surgery for Sam’s father (Jack Warden). Traylor Howard also stars as Kathy, Mitch’s love interest, and Christopher McDonald as the antagonist, Travis Cole. Many of Saget’s comedian pals appear in hilarious cameos throughout the movie, including Don Rickles, Chevy Chase, David Koechner, Adam Sandler, Kevin Farley, and John Goodman.

Dirty Work also serves as the final role of Chris Farley. In the movie, Farley plays a bar patron who’s missing a portion of his nose. As he regales to the other characters, he lost his nose when it was bitten off by a prostitute. He is involved in one of the movie’s most memorable moments when he inadvertently chooses to play “The Pi&ña Colada Song” instead of The Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” on the jukebox just before a violent bar fight.

In 2018, Macdonald addressed the possibility of a sequel in an interview with Forbes. After suggesting that there “might be another one coming now,” Macdonald was asked if Artie Lange would be returning as Sam in the potential followup movie, and he didn’t seem too sure at the time.

“I talked to Artie probably six months ago, I think,” Macdonald said. “He’s all over the place, Artie. So it’s hard to know where he’s at. Because sometimes I think he’s really in trouble, then he’s on a TV show, he’s on Crashing and he still does stand up. So it’s very hard to know exactly where he is right now, Artie. He’s always in my thoughts, you know.”

If there’s enough fan interest from Dirty Work‘s cult following, then we just might get ourselves a sequel after all. Saget’s comments stem from The Bill Bert Podcast and were transcribed by CinemaBlend.

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