Does The Mandalorian Timeline Happen Before the Star Wars Rebels Finale Epilogue?

As a new episode of The Mandalorian fast approaches, fans are still trying to fully grab hold of everything that happened in the most recent episode, The Jedi. For one, it brought Rosario Dawson into the fold as Ahsoka Tano, representing the character’s live-action debut. Now, director Dave Filoni has revealed that the episode doesn’t necessarily take place after the Star Wars Rebels series finale, which has huge implications.

Warning: spoilers ahead for The Mandalorian Chapter 13, The Jedi. In the episode. Ahsoka meets Baby Yoda, whose official name is Grogu, we come to learn. Mando is hoping she will train Grogu in the ways of the Force. Ultimately, an agreement is made between Mando and Ahsoka. He must help her get some much-needed information from an enemy. We come to find out that information is the location of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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When last we saw Ahsoka, chronologically speaking within the timeline, was the epilogue in the Star Wars Rebels finale. She was heading off with Sabine Wren to go search for Ezra, who had blasted off into space with Thrawn to an unknown location in the vastness of space. This scene took place after the events of Return of the Jedi. As does The Mandalorian. Dave Filoni, in a recent interview, warned that fans shouldn’t be making assumptions about the timeline.

“That’s not necessarily chronological. I think the thing that people will most not understand is they want to go in a linear fashion, but as I learned as a kid, nothing in Star Wars really works in a linear fashion. You do [Episodes] Four, Five and Six and then One, Two, and Three. So in the vein of that history, when you look at the epilogue of Rebels you don’t really know how much time has passed. So, it’s possible that the story I’m telling in The Mandalorian actually takes place prior to that. Possible. I’m saying it’s possible.”

So, essentially, there is a chance that the final scene of Star Wars Rebels takes place after what we saw in The Mandalorian. That would mean the events taking place on the live-action series could, in theory, lead up to the search for Thrawn and Ezra. Either way, Thrawn seems poised to make an appearance in live-action for the first time. It’s just a matter of when, in the overall timeline, that is going to happen.

Rumors of a Rebels sequel series have been rampant for quite some time now. Not to mention a possible The Mandalorian spin-off. The show certainly seems to be putting all of the right pieces in place for that to happen. Luckily, we have a few more episodes of season 2 left to hopefully get some answers. No matter how it unfolds, it seems we are finally going to get some answers to one of the biggest lingering questions in the entire franchise. Now the question becomes, is Ezra Bridger going to show up next? This news comes to us via Vanity Fair.

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