Doja Cat Shows Off ‘First Tattoo Ever’ In Skimpy Bikini Shots Of Her Booty

Singer and rapper Doja Cat just got her first ever tattoo and did not waste any time showing it off to her fans, along with the date she got it done.

She turned the heat up on Instagram by giving followers a full view of her derriere while putting all the focus on her new heart-shaped tattoo.

This photo is her first post following the short-lived feud she was engaged in with “Stranger Things” star Noah Schnapp after the latter allegedly exposed their private DM’s without her consent. It led to her calling him out on his behavior and subsequently losing a huge amount of followers due to the spat.

The singer also got backlash for mocking actress, Amber Heard in a now-deleted TikTok video.

Read on for more on Doja and her new tat.

Doja Cat Showed Off Her Tattoo On Her Derriere

Doja Cat in a bikini
Instagram/Doja Cat

The “Need To Know” rapper set Instagram on fire by giving followers a visual feast of her butt cheeks while donning a black bikini with a sparkly see-through top. She then accessorized with a huge pair of sunglasses, a cowboy hat, and kitten heels.

Doja captioned the photo, “first tattoo ever 7/23/22 i love it,” directly telling fans that she had never gotten one prior to this.

The singer, who has never been shy to show some skin, freely left it all hanging for her followers to see the beautifully placed tattoo properly. She also zoomed in on the image for fans to get a good read of the words tattooed alongside the image on her plump buns.

Take A Closer Look At Her ‘Tattoo’

Doja Cat in a bikini
Instagram/Doja Cat

In another shot on her Instagram account, Doja zoomed in further so her fans could see her new tattoo in all its glory and beauty. The new snap focused solely on her bum and allowed her fans to see the tattoo’s wordings clearly.

It read “sex goddess,” alluding to the star’s sensual and sometimes very sexual energy, which is usually quite glaring in her music videos and live performances.

Her song lyrics also constantly emphasize what the tattoo states. “Boy, stop playing, grab my a– Why you actin’ like you shy?” she sings in her smash hit song “Say So.”

In another song, “Kiss Me More,” featuring SZA, Doja cat raps, “Ni–as wishin’ that the p–y was a kissin’ booth. Taste breakfast, lunch and gin and juice.”

So if anything, her new tattoo is only emphasizing what her fans already know, that she is a “sex goddess.”

Her Fans Were Left Drooling For More

Doja Cat enjoying the sun
Instagram /Doja Cat

With such steamy photos, it was no surprise that her comment section got flooded with fans showing their admiration and love for the star’s new tattoo and also… her hot buns.

One very thirsty follower wrote, “I sniffed my phone so hard the battery percentage went down my 7.”

Another added, “I’m gay but this is making me rejoin my life,” with a bunch of emojis implying how hot and bothered the photo made them feel.

Her fans did not waste time pointing out that the tattoos were possibly not permanent and were temporary, with one writing, “so cute mamas but we see it’s temporary bae.” along with a crying emoji.

While some lusted after the star’s buns on display, others took the chance to praise Doja for not being ashamed to put out her unedited butt cheeks and stretch marks on display for all to see.

“Love how she embraces her stretch marks cause many people are insecure about them,” a comment showing admiration for her confidence read.

Obviously, the photos of Doja’s behind got her fans feeling all kinds of things, and we can understand.

Doja Cat Recently Got Slammed For Mocking Amber Heard

Doja Cat enjoying the sun
Instagram/Doja Cat

As reported by The Blast, the rapper recently got major heat on social media, especially Twitter, for making a mockery of embattled actress Amber Heard’s trial.

Doja, in a now-deleted TikTok video, was seen recounting a story very similar to Heard’s confession about her dog stepping on a bee, while using the same mannerisms and tone as the actress to add an air of mockery to it.

In the video, she said, “It’s honestly hella sad ’cause like, she’s a puppy, my dog. And I’ve had her for like a week and a half, maybe two weeks now. And she, like, was just running around in the grass, and she steps on a bee.”

The video led to the artist receiving serious backlash from netizens, furious at her lack of empathy for the “Aquaman” actress and calling her out on it.

One comment read, “even if u don’t believe her, making fun of her sa [sexual assault] is so weird and genuinely not funny in any way.”

Following her short-lived feud with “Stranger Things” actor Noah Schnapp, Doja reportedly lost over 200,000 followers on Instagram. The pair have apologized to each other and are friends again.

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