Donna D’Errico In Silky Pink Lingerie Is ‘Breathtakingly Beautiful’

Actress Donna D’Errico is looking better than ever as she poses in silky pink lingerie!

The “Baywatch” star took to social media on Thursday night in order to share two photos that featured her posing in pink lingerie and fans can’t decide which one they liked better!

‘Baywatch’ Babe Donna D’Errico Asks Fans To Choose Their Favorite Photo!

Donna D'Errico poses in pink lingerie 1
Instsagram | Donna D’Errico

On Thursday night, the “Baywatch” star took to Instagram to share a few photos that featured her posing in silky pink lingerie. Her dark hair falls around her shoulders as she clutches the silky fabric to her chest, posing for another candid shot.

“1 or 2?” she asked in the caption, adding her signature hashtag “Link In Bio” to refer her followers to her OnlyFans page for more steamy snaps. “It’s hard to choose. Great things about both. But gotta say 2, it’s the eyes,” one fan commented. “Beautiful. 2. It’s the look for me,” another follower agreed. “Both. You are beautiful,” a third fan chimed in.

Fans Can’t Decide Which Photo They Like Better… But They LOVE Both!

Donna D'Errico poses in pink lingerie 2
Instsagram | Donna D’Errico

“How about 1 and 2?” another follower asked. “I can’t choose. Both are perfect just like you,” another follower gushed. “Breathtakingly beautiful and a sexy hot lady,” another fan chimed in. “I love your eyes because it’s ALWAYS the eyes. PS: I love the tummy,” another follower commented. “Both are great,” another fan agreed.

“Very beautiful and breathtaking and gorgeous, Donna. I love your dark hair,” another follower commented. “2. You are looking at me! The best part is seeing you look in my direction,” another fan wrote. “Both you and the photos are sensational,” another follower wrote. It’s clear from the responses that fans really can’t decide which photo is their favorite!

Donna D’Errico Never Fails To Impress In Pink Lingerie

Donna D'Errico in pink lingerie
Instagram | Donna D’Errico

In yet another Instagram post shared one week ago, the “Frank and Penelope” actress posted a similar pink lingerie set as she posed in the bedroom. This time, her long dark hair is tied back behind her as she poses for a singular snap. “Jet lag has entered the chat,” she wrote in the caption along with the hashtags “sleepy hazy” and “quirky morning vibes.”

“Don’t you hate when that happens? You look great!” one fan commented. “You are so ever beautiful,” another follower gushed. “Still even more beautiful than anyone on Instagram,” a third fan chimed in. “No makeup Donna is just as beautiful as fully made-up Donna. Beauty comes from within,” another follower shared. “Beautiful, where is the lag???! I do not see it,” another fan wrote.

“Glory me. You are stunning even with being sleepy,” another follower shared. “Absolutely gorgeous American treasure,” another fan gushed. “Donna, you don’t look tired. You still look fantastic,” another follower commented. “If that’s jet lag, then I want to see you when you’re awake,” another fan chimed in as fans praised her snap!

Donna Is Giving ‘Barbie’ Vibes In Her Little Pink Dress!

Donna D'Errico Gives Barbiecore Vibes
Instagram | Donna D’Errico

In yet another Instagram post shared back in July, the former “Battlebots” host rocked a little pink dress for a fun photoshoot that featured her standing in the inside of a refrigerator door. There’s only one catch: the refrigerator is upside down! Donna made no mention of her obscure surroundings in the caption, writing, “Channeling my inner Barbie” along with the hashtags “Barbie inspired,” “Living my best life,” and “Link in bio.”

“Didn’t know you were going back to blonde,” one fan commented. “Wig,” Donna replied along with a winky face emoji. “In my opinion, you look good as a blonde but look great in your natural color,” the fan replied. “Can I channel my inner Ken?” another follower asked. “You are just the cutest little thing!” a third fan exclaimed. “Thanks for sharing yet another remarkable image, Donna!” another follower chimed in.

Donna Is HERE For The Barbie Mania!

Donna D'Errico Gives Barbiecore Vibes
Instagram | Donna D’Errico

In another Instagram post, Donna gave her followers another look at her outfit. “Barbie mania and I’m here for it!” she wrote in the caption. “The only Barbie I’m interested in,” one fan commented. “You are and you always will be our favorite Barbie!” another follower wrote. “You look fabulous! The Ultimate Barbie, as far as I can tell!” a third fan chimed in.

“You make a nice Barbie. Great pic,” another follower wrote. “You’re a far better choice for the role actually,” another fan chimed in. “No better Barbie,” another follower agreed. “You’re gonna make Ken have second thoughts about Barbie. There should be a Donna doll,” another fan chimed in as fans continued to praise her as “pretty in pink!”

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