Drake Allegedly Bitterly Seething Over Rihanna And A$AP Rocky’s Pregnancy, Recent Gossip Says

Is Drake throwing shade at his ex-girlfriend Rihanna? One tabloid claims Drake wasn’t happy to hear Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were expecting a child together. Here’s the latest gossip about the “God’s Plan” rapper.

Drake ‘Sour’ Over Rihanna’s Relationship?

This week, OK! reports Drake didn’t call up Rihanna to offer his congratulations after she announced she and A$AP Rocky had a baby on the way. “His ego has been badly bruised,” an insider notes. Drake and Rihanna dated on and off for years before finally calling it quits in 2016, but sources say Drake still hasn’t gotten over her. “[He] hasn’t been able to get her out of his head, and he’s bitter because he doesn’t get why she’s with a guy like Rocky,” the tipster confides.

The source notes that Rocky “is well known to have a major roving eye and serious skeletons in his closet.” Shortly after Rihanna debuted her baby bump, Drake posted a cryptic post about “shallow souls,” which many fans speculated was a shot at Rihanna and Rocky. “He thinks Rihanna made a huge mistake by not sticking with him,” the snitch whispers. “Rihanna wishes Drake no harm, but it’s sad for her that he can’t move on and let her be happy.”

Drake Thinks Rocky Is ‘Unworthy Of Rihanna’?

While this report could hold some truth to it, we’re a bit skeptical. It’s totally possible Drake wasn’t happy to hear about his ex-girlfriend’s new relationship, but the whole situation has been a bit less dramatic than the tabloid makes it out. First of all, Drake’s Instagram post the tabloid points to as evidence really has nothing to do with Rihanna and Rocky.

While Drake may have had Rihanna and Rocky in mind when he wrote the caption, it’s impossible to discern his exact motivations by the words alone. And it’s really the timing that has everyone up in arms, but timing alone doesn’t make for a very strong case.

Now, Drake definitely raised eyebrows when fans realized he unfollowed Rocky on Instagram shortly after his and Rihanna’s announcement. But since he hasn’t commented on their relationship, it’s possible he was just trying to remove himself from the equation entirely.

But it’s definitely wrong to say Drake never moved on from Rihanna. The tabloid completely failed to mention Drake went on to have a son with another woman after cutting things off with the “Umbrella” singer. Drake doesn’t have a very strong case against Rihanna for moving on with her life and having a child when he did the very same.

Of course, we know feelings — especially where exes are concerned — can be complicated, so we aren’t dismissing this story entirely. But it seems like we’ll just have to wait to see how Drake handles Rihanna and Rocky’s relationship from here on out.

Other Feud Stories From The Outlet

We’ve learned to take OK!‘s feud stories with a grain of salt. Last year, the outlet claimed Lady Gaga was furious with Bradley Cooper for not casting her in his latest film. Then the magazine reported Felicity Huffman was feuding with Lori Loughlin after getting out of prison. And the publication even alleged Gwen Stefani was getting bullied by country musicians for infringing on their genre. Clearly, OK! hasn’t been the most reliable in the past when it comes to stories like these.

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