Drake CREEPS On Unsuspecting Woman, Takes Her Pic WITHOUT Permission

Penn Badgley’s fictional ‘You’ character may have some real-life competition from Drake.

The “Hotline Bling” rapper is currently on an international vacation partying his face off with friends, pretty women and strangers alike.

On Thursday, July 21, Drake and company were at a day club in St. Tropez which he captured on his Instagram Story and grid.

Drake Is Living Life In St. Tropez

One story he shared shows him singling along with a woman entertaining the club.

However, Drake later shared a photo of an unsuspecting woman on her phone at a table completely disconnected from him.

As in, this woman was a complete stranger to Drake.

He snapped a photo of the beautiful woman who was wearing a pink and white embroidered crop top, long, dangling white earrings with her blonde hair pulled back in a bun.

Drake then shared the picture of the mystery woman with the caption, “Tried to airdrop this woman a pic of herself cause she’s a dime.”

Drake Creepily Snaps Photo Of Female Stranger

Instagram / Drake

His photo and comment quickly gained traction on a Reddit thread where people were beyond creeped out.

The Reddit OP (original poster) shared the photo along with the comment, “I haven’t seen anyone talking about this, this is so unbelievably creepy (Drake posted this on his IG story).

Reddit users were quick to comment on the thread with disgust and horror.

Fans Flip Out Over Drake’s Post

Drakes been put on an enormous pedestal, his celebrity status and how he’s treated most likely repeatedly reinforces this to him. He probably thinks the woman in the picture would be honored to have been chosen,” one person wrote.

“The fact that he thinks it’s such an honor makes me sick 🤮,” someone else added.

Other comments included, “Post that pic on the gram to my millions of followers. What an absolute creep,” and “I used to think drake was so cool and chill and nice and hot but I feel like since 2016 he’s gotten progressively weirder and creepier.”

One person even compared him to Joe Goldberg from Netflix’s “You.”

“What in the Joe Goldberg💀,” they commented.


Drake has yet to respond to the rumblings of his creepiness, but he could still be traumatized by the bee that tried to take him down earlier this week.

In the event you hadn’t seen or heard yet, Drakes team went into full SWAT mode, literally, when a bee was buzzing around his head.

Drake Gets Attacked By A Bee, Turns Into Muhammad Ali

On Wednesday, July 20, Drake was once again out at a day club living it up in St. Tropez when an unexpected guest attempted to join his party.

A now viral clip shows the rapper bobbing and weaving from the insect while his team takes napkins in an attempt to hit it away from Drake.

One fan account @drizzy_drake_vids commented on the video, “Drake got t he whole squad ganging up on this bee 😭.”

Drake seemed to take the viral moment in stride, because he replied, “I hate bees on god.”

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