Draya Michele Flaunts Insane Bikini Body Feeding Wild Pigs In The Bahamas!

Draya Michele is ready for a hot girl summer, and the bikini model is flaunting her insane physique while feeding wild pigs in the Bahamas! Ya, it’s a thing…

The ‘Basketball Wives’ alum is known for her Mint Swim empire and updates her millions of fans on the regular with mind-blowing bikini pictures that will make you want to get up and hit the gym as soon as you get a glimpse. It appears Draya is currently on a tropical vacation, in a spot that is now well known for attracting the most famous of celebrities.

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Draya Michelle In Bikini Feeding Wild Pigs

If you haven’t seen it before, an uninhabited island in the Bahamas ‘Big Major Cay’ is known as ‘Pig Beach’ after someone discovered a family of pigs who lives on the beach of the island. According to reports, “the island is about 82 miles southeast of Nassau and about 50 miles northwest of George Town. It is entirely uninhabited by humans.”

Luckily for us, Draya decided to visit the tourist attraction and dropped in wearing a heartstopping black string bikini. In the stunning snaps, Michele is sporting a ‘Mint Swim’ bathing suit, with black and white stripes. In the photos, she is seen feeding one of the biggest momma pigs and posted a hilarious caption on Instagram.

“One of us is pregnant with like 8 of them thangs,” Drazya joked.

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Draya Michelle In Bikini Feeding Wild Pigs

Of course, the reality star’s millions of followers followed her social media pointing out how smoking hot she looks in the pictures. “You so fine mama, I love you so much,” one person wrote. Another added, “Blessed is the man who will make you pregnant with 8 of his thangs,” and “Let me know if you need help.”

I think we can all agree, “She’s so beautiful no matter what she does.”

As you know, Draya isn’t one to shy away from discussing her fitness and weight online. In August of 2020, she made headlines saying she gained six pounds during “RONA” and used a home scale breaking everything down from bone and muscle percentages to how much fat in is her body. Last summer, Draya revealed she was 128 pounds, after completing what she called a “military diet.” A healthy lifestyle for Draya included chicken and rice, green meals. Like all of us, she admitted to a few cheat meals and a favorite is McDonald’s holiday pies!

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Draya Michelle In Bikini Feeding Wild Pigs

In 2019, DM revealed to BET “I am six months pescatarian.” (just eating fish) She continued, “I’ve tried to limit my chicken and red meat consumption a lot. I try to drink a lot of water. I try to work out. My downfalls are sweets. I really love sweets. And alcohol goes with partying. If I’m going to drink, I try to diet. If I’m not going to diet, I try to skip dessert.”

Don’t get it twisted, Draya is also known for her insane workouts and often includes a celebrity trainer in her sessions.

Obviously, it is working! Check It Out!

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