Drew Barrymore Repsonds to SNL Parody of Her New Talk Show

Drew Barrymore and her talk show were spoofed over the weekend in the Saturday Night Live season 46 premiere, but it would appear that she couldn’t be happier about it. Debuting on CBS just last month, The Drew Barrymore Show served as a source of inspiration for a new sketch with Chloe Fineman doing her best Drew.

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“After seeing what went down with Ellen, we took a hard turn in the other direction,” a narrator says at the start of the clip, encouraging viewers to “tune in to see her have a blast by herself in a big empty studio.”

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Spoofing Barrymore’s mannerisms and upbeat personality, Chloe Fineman does a fine impression of the Santa Clarita Diet star. Apparently, Drew Barrymore agrees, as she was among the fans watching at home impressed with the performance. Taking to Instagram, Barrymore posted a photo of herself smiling while watching the SNL sketch.

“@nbcsnl and @chloeiscrazy is the greatest thing. I have loved SNL for as long as I know, and to also have the @thedrewbarrymoreshow brought to the party is so fun. Honored to be apart of it . PS #DREWSNEWS hearts #WEEKENDUPDATE,” Barrymore wrote in the caption.

The SNL sketch also spoofs the recent reunion between Barrymore and ex-husband Tom Green, with Alex Moffat playing the former MTV comedian. It was a big moment for The Drew Barrymore Show, as the two hadn’t seen each other in about 15 years following their short-lived but highly-publicized marriage. In the comments section of the YouTube video, Green also compliments the SNL sketch, praising Fineman and Moffat for their accurate portrayals.

“This was so much fun! Ha ha Daddy Would You Like Some Sausage! Alex nailed my voice I think. Chloe killed this!! Spot on!” Green said.

Additionally, the official YouTube account for The Drew Barrymore Show commented, “We see no difference.”

There were many other notable moments to come out of the SNL season 46 premiere beyond the Drew Barrymore Show parody. The cold open segment brought back Alec Baldwin for his Emmy-winning role as Donald Trump, spoofing the controversial 2020 presidential debate from last week. Jim Carrey also debuted as Joe Biden for the skit, with Maya Rudolph also returning to her own Emmy-winning role as Kamala Harris. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was also honored during the Weekend Update segment with Kate McKinnon dressing up as her one last time; McKinnon had been portraying Ginsburg in skits for years.

Chris Rock hosted the Saturday Night Live season 46 premiere with musical guest Megan Thee Stallion.

Next Saturday’s new episode will have Bill Burr and Morgan Wallen. There’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing plenty more of Baldwin as Trump, Carrey as Biden, and Rudolph as Harris in the coming weeks. Given that the Drew Barrymore Show parody completely has Barrymore’s blessing, it seems that there’s a good chance we could be seeing more of Fineman in that role as well. New episodes air Saturday nights on NBC. This news comes to us from Drew Barrymore on Instagram.

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