Dua Lipa Proves She’s The Most “Balanced” Diva In A Bikini

Dua Lipa is going places, be it her big (fat?) Greek holiday in Sifnos, to the various Barbie premieres, dressed to impress, or should we say, to kill.

Trolls are all over social media, busy commenting about her “stripper clothes” while others defend her right to wear what she wants. Meanwhile, it seems Dua Lipa is the most “balanced” diva of them all.

Dua Lipa’s Greek Vacation Pictures Were Bikini Goals

Dua Lipa at her Greek vacation
Instagram | Dua Lipa

It seems Dua Lipa and her boyfriend, Romain Gavras celebrated his birthday by sneaking off for a quick Greek vacation, as she posted several pictures of them hanging out together, as well as hers in bikinis and stunning beach dresses.

Katy Perry told the “Levitating” singer, “Love your easy breezy baby,” while many of her fans welcomed her to Greece, as Lipa shared her location in the caption, “Sifnos” with several more “s” letters and a dolphin emoji. The clear waters certainly seemed inviting although fans seemed more concerned about the fact that Lipa is often spotted with a cigarette in her hand, and they want her to stop smoking, some even warning her that her voice and her skin will not remain this awesome if she continues to smoke.

Others are not a huge fan of her going around with Gavras, wondering why she was the girlfriend of “Osama Bin Laden”, and why she didn’t find anyone up to “her level…”

Through it all, Lipa remains calm, so scroll down to see why! Meanwhile, here’s more from Sifnos!

Perfect Balance, On A Paddle Board!

Dua Lipa on a paddle board in Greece
Instagram | Dua Lipa

Nope, we’re not referring to Lipa’s buns out in the sun, rather, the fact that in one of the slides, she manages to do a perfect headstand on a paddleboard, which tells us this diva has the perfect balance!

Lipa is shown kneeling on a paddleboard in the middle of the Aegean Sea, when she leans forward and then lifts her body, anchoring herself on her forearms with her feet on the ground in a near downward dog yoga pose. She then lifts one leg before bracing herself and then lifts the other as well, doing a perfect headstand that doesn’t even shake the paddleboard. The fans may fan and the trolls may troll, but Dua has the perfect balance, in both body and mind.

Frankly, you only have to scroll through Lipa’s Instagram feed to see that the Grammy award winner is quite the yogini, even as she confessed in a 2022 interview with Glamour magazine that she has been into yoga for the last seven years. Said the 27-year-old, “For the past, maybe three years, I’ve been doing it almost religiously. I dropped my album during the pandemic and I was doing a lot of press while everyone else was watching Tiger King. Yoga was my way of just zoning out of everything that was happening. When I first started, I saw it as more of a workout. Now, it’s turned into a form of meditation. It’s the only time where I don’t think about anything else.”

Swipe to the second slide to see Lipa smash a headstand.

Dua Lipa Is The Perfect Barbie Too

Dua Lipa at the London "Barbie" premiere
Instagram | Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa has also been attending the “Barbie” movie premieres and she sashayed into the London one wearing a stunning shimmer dress in pink, of course, designed by her and Donatella Versace for the La Vacanza collection, by Versace.

This dress was far more subdued than the one Lipa wore at the LA premiere of the movie, given that it was a metallic fishnet sheath, which Lipa wore with nothing more than a white thong. She definitely did not leave much to the imagination in this outfit!

While some felt, “She is such a gorgeous woman but I don’t understand this constant self-sexualization,” more defended the singer, writing, “People need to grow up!! Dua can wear what she wants as can any woman!!! It’s her body and her choice.”

Here’s more of that NSFW look:

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