Dubious Gossip Says Jennifer Lopez Supposedly Rushed Ben Affleck Wedding To Keep Him From Backing Out

Did Jennifer Lopez pressure Ben Affleck into marrying her before he was ready? According to one report, the Hustlers star was worried her now-hubby was planning to back out. Here’s the latest gossip about Affleck and Lopez’s whirlwind romance.

Jennifer Lopez ‘Rushed Ben To The Altar’?

This week, the Globe reports Jennifer Lopez dragged Ben Affleck to the altar as soon as she could, all to make sure the Gone Girl star didn’t get the chance to have any doubts. “She was ready to get married since the night Ben proposed,” an insider spills. “She wanted to lock this down and remove any chance for cold feet ASAP.”

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Sources insist Lopez was spurred on by the fear of repeating what happened in 2004. As the magazine recalls, Lopez and Affleck split up just days before their original ceremony 18 years ago, leading them both to go on and marry other people. And, according to the article, Lopez was convinced that, given enough time, Affleck would get in his head again and decide to call the whole thing off.

Why Did Lopez And Affleck Wed So Soon?

Here’s the thing: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had plenty of reasons to elope instead of planning a large ceremony. First of all, both Affleck and Lopez have been married before. They know the ropes and likely didn’t feel the need to go through the whole charade once more.

Secondly, media attention was one of the main reasons the couple cited for calling off their 2004 ceremony. In an effort to avoid another media circus, they likely decided to get ahead of the paparazzi and just rip the band-aid off.

But lastly, and most importantly in our book, Affleck and Lopez have waited 20 years to get married. Sure, they went off and had romances with other people, even having children with their former spouses. And we seriously doubt either of them has any regrets about how it all turned out. But now, two decades later, we doubt they saw any point in waiting.

Besides, Affleck is the one that proposed to Lopez only one year after their reunion. Clearly, he didn’t have any doubts, and he knew he wanted to marry Lopez. He certainly looked ecstatic in the photos Lopez shared. So, at the end of the day, it’s just unfair to accuse him of being any less certain about their Vegas wedding than Lopez was.

The Tabloid On Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck

Of course, we knew better than to trust the Globe anywhere Lopez and Affleck were concerned. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Affleck was paranoid that Lopez was planning to dump him. Then the magazine claimed Affleck was jealous of Lopez’s relationship with a co-star. And more recently, the publication alleged Affleck purposefully tried to beat Alex Rodriguez by buying Lopez a more expensive engagement ring. Obviously, the Globe is the last place we’d go for genuine updates on Affleck and Lopez—or any celebrity, for that matter.

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