Dubious Insider Claims Michael Douglas Apparently Struggling To Keep Up With Catherine Zeta-Jones Thanks To 25-Year Age Gap

Is Michael Douglas slowing down? The 77-year-old star is 25 years older than Catherine Zeta-Jones, and one rumor says the gap is really starting to hurt their relationship. This story is rather suspicious considering the two have been together for so long. Let’s learn what’s happening.

‘Time Ain’t On His Side!’

Per the Globe, Douglas can’t keep up with Zeta-Jones anymore. “Their 25-year age gap was always going to bite them at some point,” a source says. “That’s what Michael’s dealing with right now as he closes in on his 80s and becomes way less agile and energetic.” 

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Zeta-Jones, the insider says, is just as energetic as ever and is still turning heads. She’s just been spotted hitting the golf course “where she gets no shortage of admiring looks from handsome guys,” the snitch adds. Unfortunately, Douglas is apparently too tired to join her, preferring to read and go to bed instead of going out. The insider concludes that Zeta-Jones is “extremely understanding. They make the most of the time they get together.”

Is Catherine Zeta-Jones Upset?

The ending of this story completely negates everything that came before it. If Catherine Zeta-Jones is “extremely understanding” as this so-called source says, then why does this story exist in the first place? In massive letters, the Globe announces the pair are struggling over an age difference, only to pull the rug out completely by the end. Even within the twisted logic of this outlet, this is a total nonstory.

That being said, there’s no reason to trust a word the Globe has to say in the first place. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have always been 25 years apart, yet they’ve managed to stay lovingly married for decades. It’s also no secret that Zeta-Jones would turn heads on a golf course so that hardly qualifies as proof of a problem.

At 77, one would expect Douglas to slow down a bit. However, he’s not. He’s going to star in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and is set to play Ronald Reagan in a miniseries for Paramount+. Throw in another AppleTV+ series and suddenly it becomes silly to say Douglas has no energy.

Bogus Michael Douglas Gossip

The Globe loves targeting Douglas and Zeta-Jones. In 2019, it claimed Douglas had months to live because of a cancer return. That was 100 percent bogus, and he’s still doing fine to this day. We also confronted a story about Zeta-Jones forcing Douglas to get a facelift. There’s no evidence this ever happened.

Comically, this tabloid soon reported the exact opposite. It later claimed Zeta-Jones was begging Douglas to cease getting plastic surgery. These stories debunk each other and prove the Globe cannot be trusted when it comes to Douglas and Zeta-Jones stories.

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