Dubious Insider Claims Suri Cruise Supposedly Gave Katie Holmes’ Boyfriend Permission To Marry Her

Is Suri Cruise giving Katie Holmes the green light to marry her new boyfriend? One tabloid claims the famous teen is a big fan of her mom’s new beau. Here’s what we know about this wild rumor.

Katie Holmes Engaged After 29 Days?

This week, New Idea reports Katie Holmes is head-over-heels for her new musician boyfriend, Bobby Wooten III. The couple recently made their red carpet debut, and sources say the Dawson’s Creek alum is already hearing wedding bells. “Everyone is convinced they are engaged already,” a snitch declares. Apparently, all the signs were there during the couple’s appearance at The Silver Ball.

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“Katie and Bobby were in their own little bubble the whole night. There was a lot of whispering and laughing together,” a witness dishes. “Katie kept coyly pointing at her ring finger and giggling. There was no rock on it, but it seemed like she either has one or is hinting for one—and Bobby seemed totally on board! And good for her. It’s nice to see Katie so happy. Bobby clearly worships her.”

And sources say things are moving so fast partially thanks to the enthusiasm of Holmes’ 16-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise. “[Bobby] was very open with Suri about his feelings, and acknowledged that Katie came as a twosome,” another tipster spills. “That made a big impression on Suri.”

The source wraps by insisting that Holmes would have undoubtedly agreed to marry Wooten if he asked. “If Bobby has proposed, Katie wouldn’t have hesitated to say yes,” the insider reveals. “She’s had a rough time in her love life, but she knows he’s the one.”

Katie Holmes Has Finally Found ‘The One’?

So, this tabloid’s “insider” knows about private conversations between Bobby Wooten and Suri Cruise, but it can’t even say for sure if Katie Holmes is engaged? That’s a major red flag that we just can’t ignore. It’s always strange when a tabloid claims to know the personal feelings of a child, but it’s especially doubtful when the tipster turns around and plays coy on something major like an engagement. We’re only left to assume that this alleged insider was just blowing smoke, and they aren’t really close to Holmes at all.

But one thing they were right about is how happy Holmes seems with Wooten. The actress was absolutely glowing with Wooten on her arm at her recent film premiere. But from an outsider’s perspective, Holmes doesn’t seem to be moving any faster with Wooten than she was with Emilio Vitolo Jr. just last year. Of course, the romance didn’t end with a wedding, reportedly fizzling out for Holmes just a few months after they got together.

So, we don’t see any reason to jump the gun here. Holmes seems absolutely enamored with Wooten at the moment, but we wouldn’t want to put any undue pressure on the couple by spreading these unfounded engagement rumors.

The Tabloid On Katie Holmes

We know better than to trust New Idea anywhere Katie Holmes is concerned. Last year, the outlet reported Holmes was enrolling in medical school after breaking up with her boyfriend. Then the magazine claimed Holmes’ friends were worried that she was sad and lonely. And the publication even alleged Holmes begged her ex-husband Tom Cruise for financial help. Obviously, New Idea isn’t reliable when it comes to Holmes.

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