Dubious Insider Says Billy Joel Supposedly Sparking Fears With Apparent 50 Pound Weight Gain

Is Billy Joel perilously overweight? One report says the “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” crooner is scaring fans with health concerns. Let’s investigate the rumor and see how Joel is doing.

‘Billy Joel’s Dangerous Belly Rolls!’

Per the Globe, Joel has put back on all the weight he recently lost just a few months ago. Friends now apparently fear for his health after gaining 50 pounds on his 5’5″ frame. “Billy’s still belting out the tunes onstage, but the fear is his weight will become a major health issue for him if he doesn’t cut back on the fatty food and carbs,” an insider says.

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Pasta and cheese are supposedly proving to be Joel’s Achilles heel. He’s even publicly denounced dieting in years past. The source shockingly reveals, “In Billy’s world, five-or-seven-course meals are the norm.” His friends and family are supposedly pushing him to seek help before he loses the ability to perform.

What’s Really Going On?

We’re immediately suspicious of any story pretending to be news but is littered with pot shots. The first words of this story are “jelly belly Billy Joel.” It describes him as “pretty portly,” regularly eating seven-course meals, and being on the verge of becoming “grossly obese.” Even if Joel genuinely had a weight problem, you’d never see an outlet like the New York Times or AP use this kind of insulting language.

To prove its point, the Globe carefully selected just about the least flattering photo of Joel he could find from his recent show in Detroit. He’s framed from behind leaning forward so his jacket and arm make him look larger. Photos posted to his personal Instagram from the very same show prove this is a bunch of malarkey.

Photos from his side show he’s managed to keep the weight off. Furthermore, friends and family would never talk to an outlet like this in a million years. This is just a lazy story attacking Joel’s weight and doesn’t deserve a second thought.

Many Bad Weight Stories

The Globe is a classless rag that regularly attempts to profit by insulting the bodies of celebrities. It labeled Henry Winkler ‘Flabby Fonzie’ in a story telling him to “diet or die.” It highlighted Whoopi Goldberg’s shocking weight gain in another story that was equally as bereft of substance.

The list goes on and on: Kurt Russell, Tom Selleck, and Russell Crowe have all faced identical stories bashing their bodies. It’s obviously just a lazy trope with names filled into blanks. Joel is doing fabulously, so this story is false.

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