Dubious Rumor Claims Robert De Niro Supposedly Headed For Breakup Over Bitter Ongoing Divorce

Is Robert De Niro clashing with his ex-wife over her excessive spending? According to one report, the Goodfellas actor’s financial pinch is jeopardizing his current relationship. Here’s the latest gossip about Robert De Niro’s contentious divorce.

Robert De Niro’s Divorce ‘Zaps Love Life’?

This week, the Globe reports Robert De Niro is struggling to move on from his divorce from Grace Hightower because his former wife is still holding onto his wallet. Apparently, De Niro can’t propose to his current girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, until he untangles his finances from Hightower. But sources say Chen wants a ring soon, and she’s starting to grow impatient.

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“Tiffany’s patience is running out,” an insider spills. “She’s ready to walk because he’s got a ton of baggage. Bob’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. Grace is still giving him grief and he groans that she’s all about money and her spending is outrageous.”

Apparently, Chen wishes the wealthy actor would give into his ex and pay her what she wants. “If he stopped fighting his ex, it would pave the way for them to marry,” the tipster notes. “Tiffany doesn’t get it, but his friends who’ve known him all his life do. He’s stubborn and proud.”

‘Stubborn’ De Niro Dragging On Divorce Battle?

This story is just bizarre. First of all, there haven’t been any credible updates on De Niro and Hightower’s divorce since early last year. From what we can tell, the former couple is gridlocked, and they won’t move forward until someone compromises. But, despite the legal battle, De Niro was recently seen spending time with his and Hightower’s young daughter in New York City.

As for De Niro’s current relationship, we can’t pretend to know her thoughts on the matter. Interestingly, despite multiple sightings of the couple holding hands, most outlets still refer to Chen as De Niro’s “rumored girlfriend,” meaning they still haven’t gotten any insiders to confirm the couple’s relationship.

So, considering how every other outlet has hit a brick wall when trying to peek inside De Niro and Chen’s arrangement, this outlet claims to know Chen’s personal thoughts on marriage. It’s really bold, almost impressive in its ludicrousness. But that doesn’t make it any more likely. We have no idea what De Niro and Chen’s plans are, and we have no idea how much longer the actor’s divorce will drag on. For every one of these matters, only time will tell.

More Divorce Gossip From The Rag

Robert De Niro doesn’t often get called out by the Globe, but it’s no wonder the magazine’s metaphorical ears perked up at his divorce news. The tabloid never misses an opportunity to gossip about a high-profile divorce. Last year, the outlet reported Kanye West weighed in at over 300 pounds after stress-eating to cope with his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Then the magazine claimed Anthony Anderson was taking out his frustrations about his divorce on his co-workers. And even more recently, the publication alleged Kelly Clarkson’s friends were begging her to stop talking about her divorce from Brandon Blackstock. Obviously, the Globe doesn’t have any more insight into celebrity divorces than it does on any other subject.

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