Dubious Rumor Said Mila Kunis Was Apparently Panicked After Ashton Kutcher’s Supposedly Flirted With Co-Star Last Year

Were Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher able to recover from his flirtatious behavior? Twelve months ago, we debunked a rumor about Kutcher cozying up to a co-star without the approval of Kunis. Let’s check back in on this rumor to try to see where it came from.

‘Mila’s Misery Over Ashton’

Per New Idea, Kunis was supposed to be livid with Kutcher because he was flirting with Reese Witherspoon. The two were set to work on the Netflix romantic comedy Your Place or Mine, and Kutcher was working a little too hard for Kunis’ liking. “He doesn’t miss a meeting, rehearsal, an email, and Mila’s starting to think he’s gone doe-eyed over Reese,” a source said. Kutcher has enough money from investing to never work again, yet he made an exception for Witherspoon.

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The tabloid greatly exaggerated what was going on. First of all, Kutcher’s steadily worked in television for years now, so making a movie isn’t the huge leap back into acting it was being made out to be. The film had barely entered pre-production as well, so it’s not like Witherspoon and Kutcher were even interacting that much. 

If that’s not enough, Witherspoon is happily married. This story was flat-out sexist for turning Witherspoon, who’s about as successful as any actress has ever been, into just “another woman.”

Are Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Still Happy?

Stories like this come out constantly which flatten women into jealous husks. Mila Kunis is a professional actress with decades of experience in Hollywood. Obviously, she would understand the work Kutcher was putting in. We feel dumb for even entertaining this story.

A momentary glance at Kutcher’s Instagram reveals loads of photos of videos with Kunis. They’re obviously doing fine, so this story was just a big nothing burger.

As for Your Place or Mine, production kicked off in earnest around October. The film will also star Jesse Williams and Tig Notaro. Witherspoon marked the start of filming on Instagram. It all looks fairly ordinary.

Home Of Several Bad Rumors

This tabloid has no insight into Witherspoon’s life. In February, it announced she and Nicole Kidman were feuding because Big Little Lies did not get renewed. Everyone involved in the second season is extremely busy, making a third season pretty much impossible. We also debunked its story about Witherspoon getting back together with Ryan Phillippe. She’s still married to Jim Toth.

There’s nothing to suggest this is anything other than a typical gig for Witherspoon or Kutcher. We haven’t heard a peep about flirting since New Idea published its nonsense. Men and women can work together without crushing marriages. Since both Witherspoon and Kutcher remain happily wed, this story was bogus.

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