Dubious Rumor Says Brad Pitt Apparently Being Romantically Pursued By Rising Actress

Has Brad Pitt caught the eye of a popular young actress? One tabloid claims the Fight Club actor has a new suitor. Here’s the latest gossip about Pitt’s sensational love life.

Famous Actress ‘Crushing On Brad’?

This week’s edition of Woman’s Day reports Brad Pitt has caught the eye of a co-worker: Knives Out actress Ana de Armas. Pitt and de Armas first connected when he cast her in the film Blonde, the outlet says, an upcoming biopic about Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. But while de Armas may be getting all of the attention for the highly-anticipated film, sources say her mind has been on producer Brad Pitt.

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“Friends are teasing that Ana might have a little crush,” one tipster spills. Apparently, de Armas found Pitt “absolutely captivating” on set. And friends dish to the magazine that they think Pitt and de Armas would be “great together,” an even compare de Armas to a young Angelina Jolie. “She definitely loves a leading man!”

Ana de Armas ‘Captivated’ By Brad Pitt?

Yeah, we aren’t buying it. First of all, why would tipsters just now be spilling all of the details about de Armas’ alleged crush? The movie wrapped filming months ago, and there’s even a full-length trailer out to prove it. As for de Armas and Pitt, their possible interactions have probably diminished greatly since finishing the film, so it’s strange that these supposedly all-knowing insiders are just now spilling the tea.

Furthermore, the magazine fails to mention that de Armas is not on the market. The No Time To Die actress started dating Tinder executive Paul Boukadakis last year, and the pair seems to still be going strong. And it doesn’t seem like de Armas has any interest in dating an A-list actor at the moment. After calling things off with Ben Affleck last January, she fled Hollywood to get away from all of the attention.

According to de Armas, she couldn’t take the media scrutiny that came with such a high-profile relationship. The actress ended up settling down in New York City, where the spotlight is just a bit more forgiving. So, this report seems wrong on just about every level.

More Brad Pitt Gossip From The Outlet

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve caught Woman’s Day in a lie about Brad Pitt. Last year the very same outlet reported Pitt was secretly hooking up with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Then the magazine claimed Aniston and Pitt were reconnecting over regular dinner dates. And then the publication alleged Aniston and Pitt were spending every moment they could together. So, we struggle to believe anything Woman’s Day has to say about Brad Pitt.

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