Dubious Snitch Says Julianne Hough’s Friends Supposedly Begging Her To Lay Off Lip Injections

Is Julianne Hough freaking her friends out? One report says the former Dancing with the Stars judge is going overboard with lip fillers and her closest friends are worried about her. Let’s examine this rumor and see if there’s anything to it.

‘Julianne Scales Up Her Trout Pout!’

According to the National Enquirer, Hough is addicted to plastic surgery, and her friends are getting concerned. The star was recently spotted in New York City ahead of her Broadway debut, and an insider says she was unrecognizable: “It’s so obvious she’s gotten her lips plumped up, which is crazy because she’s a natural beauty.”

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When the play began in April, her lips apparently did not look nearly as full. “Truth is, her self-esteem has taken a knock with her romantic disappointments,” an insider says. The end of her fling with Charlie Wilson supposedly left Hough sad enough to go under the knife. A surgeon speculates that Hough may have gotten lip fillers in addition to a philtrum injection.

How’s Julianne Hough Doing?

Over the last year, Hough has been dogged by rumors that she’s getting plastic surgery. Last August, the Globe claimed Hough was going overboard and making her friends worry about her. Now doesn’t that sound familiar? In March of last year, both OK! and Star promoted the exact same story: Hough was supposedly a surgery addict. We actually looked at videos from 2021 and 2020 and found that Hough’s face barely changed.

If she has had work done, it’s been subtle. These stories are going way overboard with this narrative. Furthermore, it’s nobody’s business if and why Hough has had work done. The Enquirer presents two possibilities for her reasoning: to keep up with the production of POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive, and to make a change because her romance with Wilson is over.

Neither motivation holds water. Other tabloids were publishing the exact same narrative before the play entered production, and it’s unclear if she and Wilson even broke up. The latest Hough news came when she finalized her divorce from Brooks Laich. Hough moved on from her divorce by dating again, getting on Broadway, and finding a new boy. 

These healthy strategies are enough to debunk this plastic surgery story. Furthermore, the doctor in this story has never treated Hough so their testimony is strictly speculation. This story is a thinly veiled attack on Hough’s appearance, which is both bogus and classless.

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