Dubious Source Claims Kelly McGillis Apparently Wasn’t Cast In ‘Top Gun’ Sequel Over Being Taller Than Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is enjoying a victory lap over the monumental success of Top Gun: Maverick. The legacy sequel lacks a key cast member from the original film, Cruise’s love interest Kelly McGillis. Why wasn’t she asked back? One rumor says she was simply too tall for the role. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Tom’s Tipping Point: Kelly Was Too Tall!’

Per the National Enquirer, McGillis wasn’t asked back for Top Gun: Maverick because of her height. An insider says, “She’s 5’11” and he’s 5’7″ … During filming, we used apple boxes and shoe lifts for Tom so he could look her in the eye.” Jennifer Connelly, McGillis’ replacement, is also 5’7″. Since she played no problem on the height front, she got the part.

Tom Cruise Is Famously Short

Wow. Does this story not make sense or what? How tall does the Enquirer think Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis were in 1986? McGillis was taller than Cruise back then as well, yet they managed to make the movie work. Cruise is notoriously short, and directors use all manner of film tricks to make him seem tall. It’s hardly impossible.

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It’s a strange story because the Enquirer seemingly wants to bash both McGillis for not getting cast and Cruise for being short at the same time. Height has little to do with McGillis missing Top Gun. Only Cruise and Val Kilmer returned, and McGillis has left Hollywood behind. McGillis lives in North Carolina, where she’s focused on her sobriety. She even gave some very good reasons for not getting involved with the sequel in a recent interview. 

Director Joseph Kosinski told CinemaBlend why McGillis and other original actors like Meg Ryan were not brought back. He says, “It was important that we wanted to make sure we were telling a new chapter of Maverick’s life. We didn’t want to be looking back the whole time.” He specifically wanted Cruise to have a new love interest named Penny Benjamin thanks to a throwaway line in the original. Casting Connelly was an inspired choice, not one made over height.

‘Top Gun’ Gossip

Back in 2019, the Enquirer reported that Tom Cruise was desperate to work with Reese Witherspoon so he could get his career back on track. The success of Top Gun: Maverick proves Cruise didn’t need Witherspoon or anyone else’s help remaining on top. They haven’t worked together since that story came out.

This outlet later announced Cruise was pining after Hayley Atwell, but there’s no proof of this whatsoever. He’s also supposedly been rebuked by Lady Gaga, but there’s no sign they have anything other than professional respect and admiration. These so-called sources have no idea what they’re talking about.

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