Dubious Source Says Phil Collins Supposedly Upset With Daughter Lily After Rumored On-Set Issues

Is Phil Collins concerned about his daughter’s behavior on the set of her TV show? One tabloid claims Lily Collins is garnering a reputation for being “hard to work with.” Here’s what we know about the alarming rumor.

Phil Collins’s ‘Headache Over Diva Daughter’?

This week’s edition of Woman’s Day reports Lily Collins is raising some serious red flags on the set of her TV show Emily in Paris. According to the tabloid’s source, her dad, Phil Collins, would be “quite upset” to know how she’s been behaving at work. Apparently, Lily has been incredibly rude behind the scenes. Sources dish that she won’t “say a word to anybody” and “won’t smile at anyone in the crew.”

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And now, word has apparently gotten back to her dad. “Phil hopes there is nothing to the chatter—he would be mortified. I think he’ll probably sit her down and give her a lecture. He’d never want Lily being perceived as trouble, regardless of what’s happened,” the tipster confides.

Apparently, Phil is worried Lily has gotten off track without his influence. Despite being an internationally beloved musician, sources say he’s tried to imbue his daughter with his own down-to-earth personality. “Phil is a global rock star but he always had respect for others. He doesn’t want Lily’s recently boosted fame going to her head,” the insider concludes.

Phil Collins ‘Quite Upset’ With Daughter?

It’s bizarre that the magazine thinks it can get away with this kind of slander. While the tabloid may have just realized Lily Collins is a professional actress, she’s actually been landing substantial roles for over ten years. At 33 years old, this is hardly her first taste of fame or her first time on a film set.

So, if she’s really so horrible to work with, why haven’t we heard about it before now? There isn’t a single reputable report backing up this tabloid’s story. As far as we know, Lily Collins hasn’t been stirring up any trouble. If she had been, she likely wouldn’t continue to get steady work in this business.

Furthermore, things don’t seem too tense between her and her dad. On Fathers’ Day, Lily posted an adorable throwback photo of her dad holding her when she was young. In the caption, she wrote, “On or off stage, to me you’re just Dad. Thank you for being such an inspiration now, then, and always. Happy Father’s Day – I love you so much…”

Since that was our last genuine update about the famous father and daughter, we have no reason to trust the outlet’s unlikely story.

More Gossip From The Tabloid

While it doesn’t often go after Phil Collins and his family, Woman’s Day is constantly spreading lies about celebrities. Just a few weeks ago, the outlet claimed Chris Evans was dating Shakira. Then the rag alleged Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend was making him stop hanging out with his friends. And more recently, the publication reported Ana de Armas was crushing on Brad Pitt. There isn’t a single topic we’d trust Woman’s Day to report accurately on.

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