Dubious Source Says Ryan Seacrest Supposedly Quitting ‘Live’ If Kelly Ripa Doesn’t Treat Him ‘Like An Equal’

Is Ryan Seacrest ready to leave Live with Kelly and Ryan unless Kelly Ripa undergoes a major attitude adjustment? According to one tabloid, the beloved co-hosts are at each other’s throats. Let’s check in on the daytime duo.

Fans ‘Rip Into’ Kelly Ripa Over Recent Behavior?

The latest edition of the National Enquirer reports things are getting tense behind the scenes of Live with Kelly and Ryan. Fans had some choice words for Kelly Ripa after she seemingly interrupted Seacrest on-air. On a recent Instagram post of Seacrest’s, fans urged the TV personality to push back against his co-host. “You need to tell Kelly to stop interrupting you!” one user commented. “That’s very rude!”

But sources say it isn’t all internet drama. Apparently, Seacrest has gotten tired of dealing with Ripa’s constant slights. “Ryan has been deferential to Kelly for years,” an insider dishes. “But he’s a powerful television figure himself, having launched the Kardashians and other shows. He’s ready to walk if she doesn’t show him more respect!”

Is Ryan Seacrest ‘Ready To Walk’?

While it’s true that some fans expressed their dissatisfaction with Kelly Ripa, there’s some important context missing here. This was simply a dispute confined completely to the comment section of one Instagram post on Seacrest’s profile. This wasn’t on the Live page or even sent to Ripa directly. One person simply didn’t like Ripa, and they decided to express that. About 60 of Seacrest’s 6 million followers responded, but that was it.

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So, we seriously doubt there’s any real tension growing between Seacrest and Ripa. Plenty of commenters actually came to Ripa’s defensive, insisting that the hosts have a great dynamic that keeps them tuning in. Furthermore, Ripa has been hosting this show since 2001. As far as we know, there haven’t been any other public complaints of “rude” behavior on Ripa’s part. Overall, Ripa and Seacrest have been getting rave reviews for their work together over the last 5 years, and one viral Instagram comment isn’t going to change that.

The Tabloid On Ryan Seacrest

We know better than to trust anything the National Enquirer writes about Ryan Seacrest. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Seacrest’s fans were worried about his “extreme” diet. Then the magazine claimed Seacrest was worrying his girlfriend by getting close to Julianne Hough again. And more recently, the publication alleged E! was panicking after Seacrest left the network. Since the Enquirer clearly has it out for Seacrest, we struggle to trust its reporting on the TV personality.

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