Dubious Source Says Scott Disick Apparently Got Banned From Being Around Kardashians

Is the Kardashian family shutting out Scott Disick? One tabloid claims Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend has become “persona non grata” in the family home. Here’s what we know.

Scott Disick ‘Banned By The Fam’?

This week’s edition of Star reports the Kardashian family is going through growing pains, and Scott Disick is getting the brunt of it. As Kourtney settles into domestic bliss with her new husband Travis Barker, sources say Disick is getting kicked to the curb. “The brutal truth is they had to choose between him and Kourtney,” an insider spills. The article notes how the Kardashians truly took Disick in as their own kin after his parents passed away just two months apart in 2014. But things apparently turned sour as soon as Kourtney moved on with Barker.

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“Instead of being happy for her when she fell in love, Scott just got really bitter,” a tipster confides. “He even tried to convince her that she was making a mistake!” As a result, Disick is drifting further and further away from the Kardashian clan. “It’s not like they never want to see him,” the snitch clarifies. “But they’re also not inviting him to hang out all the time or come to their family dinners.”

Scott Disick ‘Pushed Out’ By Kardashian Family?

This report simply took a plot line on The Kardashians and framed it as an exclusive look into the Kardashian family’s lives. But fans of the show already know that Disick has been struggling to find his place in the family now that Kourtney is with Barker. In a recent episode of the family’s Hulu show, Disick talked with Kendall Jenner about how he was feeling excluded. The confession initially caused some tension, but ultimately, Jenner concluded that it would just take some time for Disick to adjust.

“The beginning of any sort of change in a family is just a difficult, awkward time and I think this is that time for us right now,” Jenner explained on the show. “There’s just a lot of shifting going on. I have faith it’ll figure itself out, I just think it’s gonna take some time.”

But Disick’s feelings seem to be the farthest thing from the family’s minds right now. In more recent news, Travis Barker was rushed to the hospital for an undisclosed medical emergency. Photos show Kourtney at his side, and outlets are awaiting further updates. So, given what the family is currently going through, this story about the family “banning” Disick from anything—especially when he just attended their new show’s premiere—seems silly.

The Tabloid On The Kardashians

We’ve learned to take Star‘s reporting on the Kardashian family with a grain of salt. Last year, the outlet falsely claimed the Kardashians were $180 million in debt. Then the magazine reported that the men in the Kardashian family were jealous of Pete Davidson. And most recently, the publication alleged Kylie Jenner was feuding with Kim Kardashian over her new skincare line. Since none of these reports turned out to be genuine, we’re confident in dismissing the tabloid’s latest tale.

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