Ebola Rex Clip Has a Diseased Dinosaur Tearing Apart Los Angeles

A new clip from Ebola Rex has been unleashed. In the tease, we learn that not even the military can take down the massive dino terrorizing the city. The movie comes from prolific director/writer Dustin Ferguson, who also delivered 5G Zombies and Angry Asian Murder Hornets earlier this year. Previous trailers focused on the plot of the movie, but here we get a look at a full scene, which should be more than enough to get fans of low budget cinema sucked in. Ebola Rex will be available September 1st on VOD and DVD from SCS Entertainment.

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Ebola Rex starts during a “Dino Lives Matter” protest, when a captive Tyrannosaurus Rex is injected with the Ebola Virus by a crazed protester. The dinosaur escapes the lab to wreak havoc in Southern California, which is teased in the new clip and previous two trailers. It’s up to an obsessed, renegade Soldier (Ken May, RoboWoman) to stop it.

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The movie stars Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game of Death), Mike Ferguson (Moon of The Blood Beast), and Erik Anthony Russo (Angry Asian Murder Hornets). In 2019 alone, Dustin Ferguson put out 7 movies and one documentary, while finding time to direct two Dawna of the Darkness. Ferguson also has a ton more movies in the pipeline for 2020, though he’s already released 5G Zombies and Angry Asian Murder Hornets. In an interview from last year, the director was asked about why he cranks out so much material. Ferguson had this to say.

“I’ve discovered that I move at a rapid fire pace. I don’t even do that intentionally, it’s just by nature for me. I think on a level of what is the most efficient way to do things. Even in the past I would get punished at my ‘regular jobs’ for always being the first one done with my duties for the day or first to go home. People would always suspect that I was cutting corners or cheating my way through it. But it’s just how I operate and always have.”

As for how he is able to get everything done so fast, Dustin Ferguson, likes to work alone. So, in addition to writing and directing the movies, he’s often taking care of just about everything else behind-the-scenes, save for the acting. Even then, he’s not afraid to get in front of the camera if he needs to. Ferguson explains the method of his madness.

“With that said, I feel it’s best for me, when I am making around eight movies a year, to wear most of the hats so to speak. Sometimes I just need to go out quick and murder someone in the woods down the street for whatever current project I’m working on and it’s just much easier for me to arrange what works best for the actor and then manage the camera, light and sound (and usually special f/x) myself so it can actually get done and done quickly rather than trying to organize a whole crew… which means working with everyone else’s schedules too as well as paying everyone, dealing with the one or two who can’t do it last minute and having to manage it all during the shoot. Ten minutes can turn into an hour once you add just a couple people.”

Dustin Ferguson did not have a large budget for Ebola Rex or really any of his movies. “When I have more time and money, I go for that,” Ferguson says. “But when you do as much as I do, that isn’t always the case. And because I have such a strong passion for filmmaking, I never let that get in the way of doing what I love.” 5G Zombies and Angry Asian Murder Hornets trailer, along with Ebola Rex are proof that Ferguson really enjoys what he’s doing while throwing in some current events for good measure, though 2020 has yet to introduce a T-Rex injected with Ebola… There’s still a few more months left before we turn the calendar over for good on 2020, so who knows what will happen. You can check out the clip above, thanks to the SoCal Cinema YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb

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