Elizabeth Banks Wants Everyone To See Her New Movie In Light Of Supreme Court’s Decision To Overturn Roe V. Wade

Elizabeth Banks is passionate about reproductive rights both on and off-screen. In her new movie, Call Jane, the actress plays a housewife turned abortion advocate in the late 1960s. Although filming for the movie wrapped up before the Supreme Court decision came down overturning Roe v. Wade, Banks wants you to view the movie in our current cultural climate.

Inspiring People To Take Action

The actress’ new movie is both politically ridden and entertaining. Set in the late 1960s, Call Jane takes viewers along a journey of life in America before Roe v. Wade. The characters and story are based on the Jane Collective, an underground organization that helped women secure safe abortions before the 1973 Supreme Court decision impacted the nation.

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In the new movie, Banks takes on the pressing issue of abortion and reproductive rights. In an interview with The New York Times, Banks opened up about what it’s like to create movies dealing with important matters that have been politicized in America.

“I don’t want to have to always represent my gender because it politicizes my work in a way that doesn’t acknowledge I’m just trying to make a living,” admitted Banks. “I’m trying to entertain people. I don’t want to deny that my choices feed my personal belief system. What I don’t want to be presented as is some sort of feminist warrior.”

Still, Banks takes on roles that embrace these life-changing topics because she wants to be part of the cultural conversation. In fact, the actress wants you to see Call Jane in the current political light.

“I want people to see the movie and be inspired to act,” Banks remarked. “I will say that the Dobbs decision has solidified our commitment to getting audiences to see the movie in the right light, which is to say that there’s maybe a bigger responsibility on the movie that I didn’t feel when we were making it. … My hope is that it invites Republican women voters to go vote. The Democratic women I know, we’ve done all we can do. I want the movie to inspire people to vote out Republicans who don’t support reproductive justice.”

An Advocate For Reproductive Rights On And Off Screen 

The award-winning actress isn’t just passionate on-screen about abortion and women’s rights; Banks is also a real-life activist. As she shared, “I’m on the creative council of the Center for Reproductive Rights. I live a life with a bunch of women activists working at the highest levels on American policy. That’s what that was about and basically how nothing has improved in 45 years.”

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Though many women have lost some hope since the Dobbs decision, Banks remains a champion of reproductive rights. As she continues to be part of the conversation on and off-screen, hopefully, her movie will inspire women on both sides of the political divide to take action.

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