Elon Musk Vows To Post Nudes After Running Out Of Memes, X Reacts

Entrepreneur Elon Musk is causing quite a stir on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

The Tesla CEO bought the social media giant last year. Although he has introduced sweeping changes to the website that has made some quit the site entirely, he has not wavered in his decision to allow users to continue to post uncensored adult content, separating it from Meta’s two popular platforms: Facebook and Instagram.

Over the weekend, the SpaceX CEO even ventured that he might drop some nudes of his own after running out of memes and fans can’t tell if he’s joking or not!

Elon Musk Says He’ll Post Nudes On X After Running Out Of Memes: ‘Is He Joking?!’

On Sunday afternoon, the 52-year-old entrepreneur shared a photo of a cat sitting on a stove, staring at the wall. “I’m running out of memes,” he wrote over the photo. “Nudes starting tomorrow.”

The comment resulted in many comments of “Is he joking?!” while other followers said that they would follow suit if he did. One fan called Musk the “meme king,” tweeting, “Long live Elon.”

“So that’s why you renamed the platform to X,” another fan remarked, adding to the pile of “X-rated” jokes that littered the comments of his post.

An Elon Musk parody account added, “I’m excited to share my first X-Video too!” Although Musk has not revealed what form his “nudes” will take, it’s possible that fans are just giving him ideas at this point.

It appears that no one wants to miss out on the chance that Musk will actually post anything worth seeing, as several followers wrote that they would turn their comments on, just in case!

Users Call Out Musk For Stealing Memes, Not Creating Them

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Although fans are well aware that Elon Musk loves posting memes, others may not be aware that he doesn’t usually give credit to the original creators of the memes.

Other users have been calling Musk out for quite a while, urging him to give credit to users and retweet their memes instead of passing them off as his own.

“Elon Musk really spent $44 billion so he could force everyone to read the shitty memes that he steals and reposts without credit,” one user wrote. “Possibly the biggest loser energy hitherto encountered among man or beast.”

“Given how often Elon Musk steals memes, I’m not surprised he’s stealing logos now too,” another user tweeted, referring to the new “X” logo that Elon has adopted for the social media platform.

Elon Musk once responded to the allegations in 2022, writing, “Well, if you make something that looks like a meme & someone (not me) crops off your name, so it goes. Also, this is only a 6/10 meme, so maybe step down from that high horse! The selfless art of anonymous meme creators is something to be admired.”

“Bro can I pry the Tesla logo off of some of your self-immolating cars and pass them off as my own? what no, I can’t?” one user asked. “Oh do you do understand intellectual property rights after all.”

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