Emily Elizabeth In Her Little Brown Bikini Is Living Her ‘Best Life’

Emily Elizabeth puts her incredible bikini body on display on Instagram, and her fans are absolutely loving the sight!

The internet sensation took to her social media account this week to share a steamy new upload with her adoring followers. Emily served up a gorgeous look while flashing her beach body in another teeny tiny two-piece.

Emily Elizabeth’s Minuscule Bikini

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

The 25-year-old wowed in a teeny tiny set in brown that complemented her all-over glow. It had a plunging neckline that bared an ample amount of her décolletage. Her swimsuit also featured triangular cups that were spaced wide apart — allowing Emily to show off much of her perky cleavage. As the swimwear was too small, it failed to contain her colossal assets. The model spilled out from the sides — exposing an eye-popping view of her underboob and sideboob.

Emily’s matching bottoms were just as scandalous as the upper half of her look, with only a tiny piece of fabric keeping her nethers hidden from view. The low-rise style and high leg cuts flattered her curves, which allowed the bombshell to showcase her petite waist and sculpted pins. Its sides stretched high above her hips, highlighting her hourglass shape.

Emily Elizabeth Shows A Rear View

Emily Elizabeth standing at the beach.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

The first photo saw Emily posing at the beach with her legs submerged in the water. However, it may seem like the model had already dipped her body up to her torso. She was surrounded by stunning scenery, which was comprised of the sea and the blue sky filled with clouds. Although even with the impressive views, Emily stole the show in her bikini.

The New York-based influencer stood with her back facing the camera — showcasing a very cheeky display. She positioned her hands in front of her midsection while looking to the side.

Emily Elizabeth Getting Some Vitamin Sea

Emily Elizabeth standing at the beach.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

In the second slide, Emily turned around to showcase the front side of her bikini. She used her right hand to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight.

According to the geotag, Emily was in Bora Bora.

“Living my best life,” she wrote in the caption.

Emily Elizabeth Racking Up On Likes & Compliments

Emily Elizabeth posing for the camera.
Twitter | Emily Elizabeth

The share was quite a treat for her fans, and they showed their appreciation by showering it with likes and comments.

“So am I with these photos 😍” one person gushed.

“…and looking good doing it!!😉🔥” noted another admirer.

“That’s what true beauty and perfection look like,” quipped the third commenter.

“Looks so beautifully inviting you and the location,” added the fourth user.

Sun-Kissed Beauty

Emily Elizabeth sipping her drink.
Instagram | Emily Elizabeth

Hours ago, Emily posted another tantalizing snap on Instagram. Like in her latest post, the model’s bikini top struggled to contain her massive chest. It had a dark brown base with various prints in white, light brown, and yellow.

The picture showed the model enjoying the warm weather with a drink, captioning it, “Hydrated.”

As per the geotag, she stayed at the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort.

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